My Name is Sarah

MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016

Hello my friends. How are you?

It's March. And a great time to sew.

I have been working on pillowcases today.

A few of our missionary friends were in a bad car accident.

So I am making them a pillowcase to help cheer them up.

Turning this "sausage" inside out is one of my favorite parts.

The pattern is free if you'd like to make a pillowcase too.

Next step is to press the band so it lays nice and flat.

Back to the sewing machine to stitch the next seam.

I have to be very careful when I get to the end of the fabric.

Then I turn it right side out...

...and give it a good shake. Sometimes I shake it to the music I am playing. LOL! 

It's a new day and I am working on a quilt. I am sewing the charm squares together.

Then I take it over to the design wall. Some people want to know what that is. It is a flannel backed grid sheet. The fabric magically sticks to it so I can see how my quilt is looking.

I think this one is looking pretty good.

And that makes me happy.

Ok Back over to the sewing machine. I am lifting the presser foot because I am done sewing.

Now I am taking the pins out.

Sometimes my mom really makes me laugh. We have a very good time sewing together.

And then I make her laugh. I yelled to her..."Look out it's a snake." Not really, my border is just falling off the design wall.

Now I am working on a bigger quilt. I have to really stretch to get this one up here. It is almost bigger than me.

I really like how it is looking. This collection of charm squares is called Aria. It was designed by my friend Kate Spain

My mom loves the butterflies. My grandma would have really liked them too.

Oh this is a good one. Guess what. I am not wearing any pants. I took them off and threw them on my mom's sewing machine and told her to get sewing. They were falling down.

And now look. They are perfect.

Even the back fits perfect now. Good job mom. Thank you. And now I have somewhere very important to go.

Can you guess where I am?

Maybe this will help. My mom calls this our home away from home.

Ok. Here is a better clue. I am at the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital.

Today I am not the patient. I am visiting a friend to bring her a pillowcase.

Her name is Erin and she is here because she has been having a series of strokes and seizures. They have diagnosed her with Moya Moya. That is not good.

But she is going to have surgery in Boston that will hopefully make her better. I hope so. Erin is very nice. We both like Disney a lot!!!!!!!!

Stop right now! OMG do you remember the Spice Girls? Scary Spice was my favorite. How do you like my new outfit? It is for something very special in the future.

I think we found the best shoes. How do you like them?

Oh man. This is crazy. It is snowing. Why now?

It's grooming day. Time to get my haircut.

I told Marci I wanted to go short this time.

But not too short. She does it just perfect.

My mom is working like two jobs now. She goes to the one very late at night. So I Facetime her to keep her company. She really likes that. She can talk to me on her ipad.

Before we hang up I always blow her a kiss.

Sometimes I have to do a little paperwork before I can sew. We are designing new cards for my business.

Back to sewing I go.


I did not use to do this, but now I am better at sewing so I can. I sew many squares together in a chain and then I cut them apart. It saves me a little bit of time.

Today I am working on a sports theme quilt.

It is a bigger one so I have a lot of charm squares coming together at one time.

My new business cards came. I really like them.

Holy moly. Look at this. My little brother is home for spring break. He loaded up on goodies with his meal plan card. He even got me Goldfish. That was so nice.

Look at this. There are deer all over the place in my back yard. This is crazy. I live in the city.

This one sorta scares me. He has antlers.

It is Sunday but I am over in my Sewcial Lounge. I am getting ready for the 321World Down Syndrome Day Webinar. 

We had to clean up a little bit beause sometimes it is messy in here.

We had to make sure that Kristen and her mom were in our set up. They are very important to me.

Ok. Here we go... You can read more about this webinar here.

It is Easter today. We are going to have dinner at my Grandpa's house. I wanted to make sure that Grandma was with us so I decided to wear her shirt. It fits me perfect.

LOL!! Look at this picture. It is me when I was a little girl on Easter morning.

I think we are having a good dinner. It is from Boston Market because my mom and little brother just got back from California so she did not have time to cook.

We have all the sweet treats though. Lamb cake...baabaabaa....purple and green chicks and a chocolate rabbit.

It's Wednesday. And I am sewing again.

Today I am making sports quilts.

You knew there would be a scarlet and gray. But how about this blue and gold. That must be a surprise. I hate Michigan. Oh no. I said it. My dad says I am not suppose to ever say that word. HaHa. Go Buckeyes!!

Ahh...all done. That is such a good feeling. See you later. Next month.