My Name is Sarah

MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Monday, February 29, 2016

February 2016

It's happy heart month.

So I decided to sit in the front window of our quilt shop and hold a cute heart.

It was a good idea until the sun came out and now my eyes are watering.

It is so toasty warm in here I am about to fall a sleep. 

So I decided to come back inside. Do you see the quilt behind me that matches my sweater? I made it. It will be for sale in my etsy shop very soon.

Oh look at this. My new chair came in. I ordered orange.

Ahh...this is good. It has wheels. My old desk chair did not.

Ok back to sewing.

Today I am working on a very special quilt. It is for baby brother.

He is being adopted just like Mia.

And he has Down syndrome too. I have to be very careful with these pins.

I hope he likes it. It has some very special words on it. I really like making quilts for little babies. I always make one to donate and one to sell in my etsy shop.

Today was the Go Red for Women luncheon for the American Heart Association. I used to go to it but now that we have the quilt shop I am working. So my friend Angie Pohlman brought me a goodie box.

Look at this light up ring. Funny.

Angie shared her red hair extension with me. But I said, "No thank you." I don't like things in my hair. 

Hey look at this. It is a battery back up for my ipad.

I plugged it in right away to get it charged up. That was so nice of Angie. She is the Director of our local Hillcrest Chamber of Commerce. I am a member.

Ohhlaalaa. My mom found me the perfect red dress to where for my heart survivor photo. I can't decide which shoes to wear. I am going to wait until June this year and have my picture taken with Grandpa because now he is a survivor too. 

Speaking of Grandpa, here he is picking me up to take me to music therapy. He does that every Monday. 

Off we go. It is snowing a little bit today.

Hey look who is back. It's my deer friends. I think they are cold today.

Look at Grandma's memory tree. It has some snow on the little branches.

Today I have a very special pillowcase to make.

It is for my little friend Zoey. She got a new weighted blanket so she needed a new pillowcase.

I think this one is going to be perfect for her. 

O.K. Back to sewing I go.


It's ready to flip.

And then I give it a good shake.

LOL. That's my favorite part.

It is all done. Now I just have to take it home to give it a special washing.

Time for a short break. I like to listen to videos on my computer.

Back to sewing I go. 

I am working on a new quilt.

My mom loves it when I stop to smile.

And then we laugh and laugh.

I am back over on the design wall. This thing is like magic.

I get the charm, it is really a square.

And then it magically sticks to the wall.

That's how I design my quilts.

I try to make sure that every row is different.

I don't want two of the same colors touching. When I have it just right, then I pin them and take it over to the sewing machine.

And starting stitching again.

I have to make sure the seams are all very straight.

That is the hardest part. 

Sometimes I use a piece of washi tape to help guide me.

Once I have the seams stitched then I cut the threads.

Then I take the pins out. I keep doing that until the rows are all together.

Here they are finished. This collection is called Daydream by Kate Spain. She designs for Moda Fabrics.

Look who is home!! It is my little brother.  He is home for Valentine's Day.

I have to write the card out. It is for Grandpa. It is perfect with Disney on it.

This is the best Valentine's card ever. I love you Matty!!

The weekend is over and I had to come back to work. Check it out, I am lounging in my sewcial lounge.

Now I am working on two new quilts. They have fish on them.

Shhh...I am not sewing. Taking a break to listen to music.

I wrote my mom a note. I told her it was time for lunch and the song I was listening to.

So she brought it too me. I love lunch. I have a Lean Pocket every single day. 

My humidifier needs water. So I went in the storage room to get it.

It is so heavy. It is like lifting weights. Down...

Up!!! Phew that is enough. Time to fill it up.

Now that it is empty I think it is a microphone.

I was singing Opera.

But then I was laughing so hard I couldn't stop.

Back to work I go. I have to get this quilt finished before I leave.

Once I finish this block then I will be ready for the sashing.

Nope that was upside down. I could tell because the fish were hanging instead of swimming.

Ok this is better.

Ahh that feeling of accomplishment. There is nothing better.

Look at this. New fabric from my friend Kate Spain. I love the colors!

This is Mark. He is our Moda Fabrics salesman.

He brings me new Charm packs because he knows I sew with them. I get to see things before anybody else.

It's time to go home. I have to get bundled up It is getting bad outside.

See what I mean. My mom knew it was going to snow so she leaves her windshield wipers up so they don't get frozen to the car. It got so bad I did not go out for a few days. I even missed the opening reception of the quilt show.

But then it got warmer and the snow melted so we headed out to Lake Farm Park.

Do you remember when I dropped my quilt off here last month?

Well here it is hanging in the show.

It tells a little about the quilt and a little about me!

It even has a participation ribbon hanging on it.

This is pretty exciting for me. I hope everybody likes it.

That was a good day. My mom is waiting for me in the car. 

Good morning! Guess what day it is?

Haircut day. I love to get my haircut.

Marcy has been doing my hair since I was a little girl. I have the first appointment of the day so it does not smell too much when I get here. Hairspray is bad for my lungs.

Shhh...remember my little friend Zoey who I was making the pillowcase for? Here she is and she is asleep. That is a very good thing. Sweet dreams Zoey.