My Name is Sarah

MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Dazzling December

Before I leave work today, I have something very important to do.

I am writing my brother and sister-in-law a letter.

I am asking them to come to my Music Therapy Share Day.

Love, Sarah. That should do it. I hope they can come.

Hello. It's wintertime. I had to get my warm coat out.  My mom is taking me to the post office.

I am really happy tonight. A new show is about to start on the A & E Channel. It is called "Born This Way" and it is about young adults with Down syndrome just like me. I think I am going to like John. He is a rap artist and you know how I love rap music. 

Look at my new table. We are reorganizing all the quilts into storage bins and my table is covered. So I made this handy set up to eat my lunch today.

LOL! Look, I match this new fabric that came in today. It has dogs on it. I have to be sure to get some pillowcases made from it. The sick kiddos will love it. 

Tonight's the night. It's Share Day!

I am always last on the program. 

TJ and Julie came. Grandpa too. I am just a little nervous because there are a lot of people here tonight.

And then finally, Miss Bonnie says, "Sarah, Come on down." Taadaa...Do you see that big picture of me up on the screen? I really like that. Do you want a close up?

I like that picture. Miss Bonnie is really clever having us hold the sign.

I am singing Beauty and the Beast tonight. That's why I am wearing yellow. I usually sing rap but this time I wanted to sing Disney because we went there in November and I saw the show live. It was one of my favorite things that we did.

After I was done singing Bonnie gave me a trophy...

...and my dad gave me yellow roses. He said I am his Belle. My grandpa and brother really liked that.

Every time we take a picture. How perfect is this yellow bulletin board behind us. I match.

After the show I like to walk around and visit with my friends. Sometimes they are really young...

...and sometimes they are my age. Like Andy. How do you like his shirt? He sang a Christmas song.

This was a great evening.

When we got back to Cutters Creek, that's my house with my Grandpa, I put my trophy right next to my picture of Grandma. I think she was watching over me tonight to make sure I could sing good.

Guess who is home from college? My favorite little brother! I am so happy to see him!!

Ha look at this. He has a new Kent State hat. I had to try it on.

Oh look at this. A package for me. I wonder what it is?

A Target card from my Auntie Bonnie. That's nice. 

Look at this. I am at Grandpa's and we are facetiming with my mom because she got her own ipad. This is sorta crazy because we are all talking in real time and seeing each other too. 

Look what came in the mail today. It is a calendar from the Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia. It has so many cute photos of cute kiddos with Ds. Our friend Bethany Balsis took all the pictures.

I decided to take it around the quilt shop and match up the pictures to our displays.

Do you see it? This picture has two really cute boys.

This one is my mom's favorite.

This one is so cute too.

Oh look at this. I got a card from my friends at the Hilton in Columbus. What a great idea. "Mom, I know what I want for Christmas...Room Service!!!" 

I have to get busy wrapping some presents. This one is for my big brother TJ.

I am writing a label for Julie now.

I have to remember which present is for who. That is easys. I just look at the size of the box.

Look who is trying to steal my waffle. "OK dad, one bite. That's it."

My mom is always playing this piano game. I decided to try it. I like it!

Run Run Rudolph. Hurry, it's almost time to get ready to pull the sleigh. Santa is going to be looking for you. Wait a minute...there is no snow this year. Now what? 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

I am eating dinner. My mom made a good one. Honey baked ham, scaloped potatoes, green beens and jello. This is the first year Grandma has not been the one cooking. I miss her. But she is having a good Christmas in Heaven.

Time to dig into my stocking.

I got a Frozen money bag...

a beaded clip for my hair...

and a gift card to Applebee's! Yum yum.

That's it for my "S" stocking. 

Then my mom gave me a present. When I opened it I could not believe it. It is an exact duplicate of my blog from the year 2013. Now I can carry it with me everywhere. The picture on the front is me with my best friend Stacy the night of her rehearsal dinner.

Grandpa got one too. His is from the blog we did while his new house was being built.

Matt got one too. We could not put them down. We love them.

My dad doesn't have a blog so his book is all of our pictures from our Disney trip. It was so awesome to have photographers everywhere to take our pictures as a family of three! Actually four if you count Minnie!

This is so perfect. Thank you momma.

Then my Grandpa got out a big box. First I opened the card.

It was loaded with more Target cards! Cha...ching!!

He picked out a really nice card for me. I had him read it to me.

Then he went for the box cutter. Look out.

Haha. I knew it. It is a tradition.

He got me Maryellen. She is the newest historic doll. She is from the 50's.

Oh look at this. A special card.  

It says the because my Grandpa ordered this before December another little girl got a doll too. I like that.

We put the nativity set above the tv this year. My Grandma really loved this. She got it when my mom was a little girl. I think my Grandpa really likes looking at it.

It's time to get busy. The guys are watching football. Not us. We are packing up pillowcases.

My mom folds and I put the cards into the bag...

...and then I seal it shut to keep it clean.

We ran out of our old cards so we printed some new ones. I like it.

As soon as I finish the last ones on the table, we have fifty ready to go.

Look who woke up from his nap.  We are both wearing plaid today.

Looks like all three of us are in our Christmas plaid.

Ahh my mom joined the picture this year in place of Grandma. It will be our new tradition. TJ and Julie are missing too. They are with her family. That makes me sad, but I understand.

Good morning! My mom came to get me because we are going on a road trip today!!! Ahhh do you see my Angel tree behind us. It is full of all Reece's Rainbow ornaments. I sure hope all those kiddos get adopted really soon.

Ha look at this. We are leaving at 1:11. That is a lot of ones. It is pretty warm for being the 26th of December in Cleveland, Ohio.

What the heck. I thought that brush was going to come right through the window.

Oh that's better. This is a new car wash. We don't usually come here, but my mom likes to drive with a clean car.

LOL! OMG!! This carwash has a mirror so we can see ourselves. Of course my mom would get her camera out.

Here we go. This is where we always take a picture of the highway so we remember what the weather was like. Clear but gloomy today.

Time to gas up. I am so busy with my new iPad, I don't even notice we stopped. How do you like my headphones?

Looks like I am in my usual sleeping state in the back seat.

Oh man, this is a major jam up. "What's going on Mom?" "Just the day after Christmas shopping at Easton," she said.

Finally, I see it. The Hilton!! My home away from home. I love this place.

I wonder if my friend Dimitar is here?

Yep, here he is helping me out of the car. 

He is such a great Bellman. My mom says he is one in a million! I agree.

He always makes sure I am having an excellent stay.

I think I am going to watch a little tv now while my mom takes a nap. They have a channel here that plays all the American Girl movies. I love it!!

Finally my mom woke up. She said, "Sarah, do you want to order room service." Of course I said YES!! So she read me the entire menu. I ordered my favorite thing. Chicken fingers and french fries.

Look how big this glass of milk is. It is huge.

After we ate, we decided to go out for a drive.

It is really late, but that is good because it means all the people are gone.

Ahh look at this tree! I said, "Mom please park the car." 

I wanted to get closer. So she found a spot.

It is really warm out tonight. And the rain stopped just for me.

Look at this. There is a string of lights out. Just like at home.

We drove around for a little bit to see more lights. We were going to go down to see downtown Columbus, but it started raining really hard.

So we headed back to the hotel. It is decortated really nice too.

When we got to our room, look what was waiting for us. This Hilton has the nicest people. It is a huge hotel but they always make us feel so special. 

Thank you Dimitar and friends. We truly appreciate all you do for us.

Ok time for a picnic at midnight! This is so much fun.

Oh this bed is so comfy I do not want to get up. But then there was a knock on the door...

Room Service!!! I love this breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast. Oh and don't forget that really huge glass of apple juice.

Looks like we are the last ones to check out today. That's our little car down there all by itself. Guess what? It's raining again today.

I am all packed up. My mom says I am the best traveler. I am always ready to go when she says it is time. Today we have somewhere very special to go...

Wow look at how huge this building is. We are at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus.

We have never been here before. I was looking up for the parking deck. But I should have been looking down because it is underground.

Ahh look at this. A big acorn with a frog on top is protecting the door so cars don't hit it.

Do you wonder what is in these big bags I am holding?

All the pillowcases we finished for the sick kiddos. I think they will like them. I always tell the desk when I drop them off that we make them in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton.

It is very cute here. There are forest animals everywhere...

 and trees...

and squirrels...

and more trees...

and a big frog.

Ok time to get back to the car so we can head back to Cleveland. 

We stopped for gas and I asked my mom to get my suitcase out. She asked me what I needed. "My cookie," I said.

She smiled really big when she saw that I packed it up doily and all. She said that was very good thinking and now it is like a royal treat. 

OK, we are back home. That was an awesome weekend. I am so grateful. 

Happy New Year. See you in January.