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MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Grand Buckeye Aloha Weekend

I have been waiting for this weekend for a long time.

I am going to see my beloved Buckeyes play today.

My mom and I have not been to a game together for a few years.

I am so excited I decorated the car.

Brutus is going with me. I made him at Build-a-Bear the year I was really sick. He is my pal.

We had to leave really early. So we stopped for breakfast. Look at this new sign. Even Panera knows about the Buckeyes being National Champs.

I did not get a cookie though. I ordered my favorite bagel...plain with cream cheese and an apple juice.

"Hey Brutus, do you want a bite?" I think he likes bagels too.

After I finished eating I went to sleep. Before I knew it, we were already in the parking garage in Columbus. My mom got the best spot ever. The last one too.

We are right in front of Stillman Hall. That is where the College of Social Work is located. Do you know I have a scholarship that has been created in my name. Here is the link to read more. 

It is important to get to the campus really early to get a close parking spot. Then we usually go for a stroll around the Oval. Still, we have a lot of time to spare. 

So I called my dad to let him know we were here. He and my mom both went to Ohio State, but they did not know each other then.  

Finally, we are in the stadium. Some people want to know how we do this. Well, my mom pushes me all over campus in my scarlet wheelchair. 

Then once we are in the stadium she locks it underneath a stairwell and I walk to our seats. It works perfectly!

And now here I am in the Horseshoe. Do you know why they call it the Shoe? Me neither.

I really like our new seats. There is nobody in front of us.

Lol! My mom was just a little bit afraid to sit down though. Look what was under our seat. Two loose screws.

Today the temperature is about 72. It is important to keep drinking water because the sun is shinning on us. I don't want to get dehydrated.

Oh this is really good. Do you know what just happened?

Brutus is standing on his head! I thought that was really funny.

Drum roll they are. The real reason I am here today...The University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors!! Can you believe it? My favorite show on tv is Hawaii 5-0. And now they are here. Well not really the show, but their football players.

It is Alumni Band day. That means the band is huge!!

Here we go...

Here comes Brutus again.

Oh one of my favorite parts. I love watching them raise the flag.

Look at the beautiful blue sky.

It's gametime. That's when the people in the stands get so crazy screaming that we leave.

My wheelchair is waiting for me just where we left it.

And then we walk around. Found this big wall poster.

Oh this is new. A Panera right inside the stadium.

Every time we come we take a picture in front of the stained glass block O. Today there was a guy smoking a stinkin' cigar. That is why I have me scarf with me. Phew that is nasty.

After half time we leisurely stroll back to the car. That way we don't get stuck in the crowd.

And we have arrived back at the parking garage. See how perfect this parking spot was. That is Stillman Hall in the background.

I was so happy to see my Brutus again.

My mom was so happy to be able to get her dinner at Noodles & Company. She loves this dish...whole grain tuscan linguine with parmasean crusted chicken. We don't have any of these in Cleveland. Next stop...

the Hilton Columbus at Easton. OMG!!! You will never believe this. They had a present waiting for me.

and when I got to the room it was all decorated for me with more surprises.

This is Mohammed. He was so nice. He was waiting for us.

and so were these cookies and fruit. 

Even Brutus was excited. My mom cried she was so happy for me.

She said I am a very lucky and special gal. Thank you Dimitar and Mohammed... 

...and all the people at the Hilton Columbus at Easton for making my stay so grand!!

and then look at this. The next morning I had breakfast in bed.


I had scrambled eggs and bacon and my mom had a belgium waffle. It was delish!!

It just keeps getting better. Look at this. There is a sign down in the lobby that names me the Guest of the Week. I am spoiled for sure.

It is Sunday morning and we are going to Church. Our friend from the hotel invited us. He is from the country of Macedonia

Look at the big chandelier. They are having a fall festival this weekend so we were allowed to take a few photos.

I am very curious about all the paintings. They are so very beautiful.

This was a nice surprise. They had lots of homemade goodies for sale. We tried many different desserts.

I am very glad we came for a visit. Thank you for inviting us Dimitar.

"Mom, what in the world is that?"

A basket. A very big basket. Look at how little our car looks next to this building. Yes this is a building. It is the offices for the Longaberger Basket Company.

Next we drove to The Homestead. Here we are at the Welome Center.

This basket is pretty big.

There are so few people here. Just us and another mom and her daughter. We took each other's picture.

Now we are inside. Look at this tree.

It is huge!

Now we are on the second floor. I have never seen such a huge tree inside a building before.

Back down to the bottom we go.

I found some baskets for our quilt shop. We usually only use white.

Does it look like my mom has apples growing out of her head?

That's because everything here is huge. Just huge!

The sun was so beautiful today. We are having the perfect weekend.

It is so nice I decided to take my coat off. How do you like my shirt? It says...Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone. We bought a few of them to help with the adoption of little Miss Kennedy. My mom wore the red one to the Ohio State game yesterday. You can order your own here. They come in many colors.

LOL! It got really windy all of a sudden and my chair almost rolled away. I had to go catch it.

I made my mom pull over to take a picture of these cows. I don't see them too often because we live in the city.

We are back at Easton in Columbus. And guess where we are?

Yes! We are at the American Girl Store. One of my gifts from the Hilton was a gift card. I am going to use it to buy my little friend Kayla her first Bitty Baby.

I picked this one. And a purple outfit. I think Kayla is going to be so surprised. This is Felisa. She was so nice and helpful.

Before we left though, I had to pick a new book for me to read. I really like when my mom and I read them together.

Well that was fun!!

I am tired so we headed back to the room for a rest.

I couldn't nap though because there was a big wedding downstairs and the guys were outside fighting with samurai swords. It was like watching a movie.

I was hungry. So I called my dad and asked him if I could order room service again. He said, "Of course you can Sarah." So I did. A big cheeseburger and french fries with milk.

My mom had her favorite Creme Brulee. She loves this dessert. Then we sent to sleep. I was so tired I didn't even put my pajamas on.

At 3:30 in the morning I woke up and started to pack up. My mom was like, "Sarah what the heck are you doing?" "I miss Grandpa. I want to go home." She said, "No way. Get back to bed." I was a little sad.

Good morning! No room service today. We have to pack up and head for home, so I had the rest of my cookie for breakfast.

I am sad to leave. I really love this Hilton.

I am so HAPPY I got to see Dimitar before we left. He has been so kind to me. The Hilton is very lucky to have him. You can read more about the time we first met here. 

Before we left, we had just enough time to go back to visit my favorite fountain. When you push the button behind the frog, he shoots water. Hehe, I love to do that.

One more stop at the Buckeye Connection. My little friend Lucas needs a new shirt, He lives all the way in Nebraska so I have to mail it to him. 

O.K. Time to hit the road. That means nap time for me!! Sorry mom.

Timed it just perfect again. I arrived just in time for music therapy. Miss Bonnie was so happy to see me. I have to take my chair and all my stuff in because my Grandpa is picking me up. I will be so happy to see him.

The End.