My Name is Sarah

MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

November News

Yeah! It's November.

That means it is time for my favorite quilt show in Mentor, Ohio.  

We are all set up. Now I am just waiting for some shoppers to come see me.

Here they come!

I am the keeper of the money bag. That means I have to make change sometimes too.

I love this job!

It's time for lunch. The hosts of the show always have Subway. I really like that!

Look at this. The Wildwood Quilt Guild is 25 this year. Just like me!!

Ok, I have to get back to work. I brought my water with me.

OMG! Can you believe it. The landscaping guys outside decided to spray nasty stuff. I can smell it so I had to wrap my face to protect my lungs.

Then it got so bad, I had to move out into the hall. Look who I found. It's Nan. She lives in the house across the street from us in Cutters Creek.

It was time to go. But I had to find Nan because she almost forgot her purse. She said, "Thank you Sarah. You are a big help." I love our neighbors.

Today I had to go to the doctor to get some bloodwork done. I went in and came out all by myself. As soon as I got to the car, I called my dad to tell him I was a big girl today!

Oh no. Guess what? The power went out in our quilt shop. At least we know our emergency lights work.

I can't heat up my lunch, so I am having peanut butter crackers instead.

Oh this is funny. We ordered Scentsy, so we don't have to burn candles in the store to make it smell nice. But guess what? The Scentsy burners need power and we don't have any today.

After a few hours of no power, I was bored, so my mom called my Grandma to see if I could come over. She said, "Sure Sarah." When I got there we were both dressed in purple.

Oh this is such a good story. Meet Harold and Nancy. They are traveling through Ohio from Missouri heading to Niagara Falls and planned their trip to stop at our shop. You can read more about the story here. 

Look at this. Sometimes I take a shower in Grandma's bathroom at Cutters Creek. So I bought a new hair dryer to keep here. It has a lot of power.

I can get my hair dry really quick with this thing.

Finally, our sign is going up at the quilt shop. This is Dan. He was really nice.

Hmm...I got a package at the store.

It is from my friend Kate. But she was just sending it for another friend. Her name is Jane...

and she lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She has been following our story for a long time. She sent me a really cute Kangaroo with a Santa hat and a cute Koala towel. Thank you

My mom and I have to get to work. We have a quilt to make today.

Lol!! First a selfie because look at us. We dressed alike again. Without evening planning it. We do that so much.

This is going to be a cute one, but it is a secret for someone so I can't show you yet. 

My mom was so happy I was here today to meet her friends. This is Marilyn and Jane Cunin.

My mom has a connection to them that goes really far back. You can read more about that here. I was showing them my ipad. I think they were impressed.

It is time for me to go home. My dad came to get me because my mom has a bunch of paperwork to do.

He wanted to learn how to put my scarf on. So my mom was coaching him. She said, "Good job Daddy!" and that's when I thought of something... I ran over to the cash register to get it.

It was a Twix bar for him. We bought it earlier from a little guy who was selling them for his peewee football team. My dad loved it.

Today is special. I have two new friends who are coming to help me sew pillowcases on Fridays.

This is Sister Stone. She is from St. George, Utah.

And this is Sister Ronquillo. She is from the Philippines. They are missionaries with the Mormon Church.

We have a really good time together. We talk and sometimes we listen to my music.

And we are doing community service at the same time.

Look at all these pillowcases we finished today. 

Before we leave today, I have to write some thank you notes.

I am very behind on my writing we have been so busy getting the new store moved.

But it is coming together now. I am all ready to go to my Grandparent's house for this night.

Look at this. It is our first snowfall and it is a big one. Look how pretty their new house looks.

It is Thanksgiving. Our friend Bob invited us for dinner. Can you guess where we are?  

My mom and dad came too.

Haaa...we are at Bob Evans.

Even my little brother Matt came with us.  We had a yummy meal. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Thank you for reading my blog.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Outstanding October

What a busy month it has been.

So busy, I took a snooze in my favorite chair in my new sewcial lounge. It is just the perfect place for me to hang out and sew...and sleep.

We love our new quilt shop so much. Everything has been planned perfectly for the tasks that we do. Like this ironing counter. Today I am pressing fat quarters.  Do you know what that is? It is a small piece of fabric that quilters use. We sell a ton of them.

We are already getting visitors in our new shop. This is Karen. She is from Pennsylvania and she has a son named Micah. I love reading about him on their blog The Rocking Pony. Micah loves Woody. Me too.

So my mom showed me a picture today of my little friend Katie. Her mom took her to see Disney on Ice and she was really scared. So my mom thought that maybe next time we could go with her. Well I took that to mean I needed to find tickets today. And so I went up to my computer and found them. The only problem is Katie lives near Nashville. I guess that means we are not going today.

Well that is my que that I better get back to work. We are going to be having our grand opening really soon, so I had to stamp some cards. We are giving away a free yard of fabric to the first 50 customers.

Ahh look at and my mom.  Karen took this pic. Thank you.

Yikes!! A fire truck stopped in front of our new store. I hope there isn't a fire. Phew. False alarm at the restaurant two doors down.

Well what do you think? Do you think I look like a Matryoshka doll? That's what I told my mom I was.  She liked that. 

Back to work bright and early. We are getting a lot of new things in and I have to put price labels on them. 

I am really good at this job. My dad calls me the label queen.

It is my Grandma Hillick's 84th birthday, so we went out to dinner at Austin's Steakhouse.

Then my Grandma wanted to see my little brother play soccer. So we went.

But it was so cold I had to bury my head in my dad's coat.

Look at what I found. I made this flowerpot for my mom for mother's day. It was in the garage with this little creature on it. My mom said one day it would turn into a moth.

So I let it go into the grass.

People are a little confused about our new location. So I am showing them it is right across the street from Heinen's on South Green.

And we are in the Cedar Green Shopping Plaza. Can you see me? We do not have our new sign yet. So it still reads "Just Frames & Art.

Some customers are finding us. Like this customer from Indiana. She wanted me to autograph my picture in the magazine we are in.

She said she and a friend have been following our story because her friend had a trach and is very self conscious about her scar.  They wanted to see mine. 

Hey, who turned out the lights? Umm...Mom? I think you left something on that you should have turned off.

Time to go home. It has been a long day.

Look at this. It is me and my mom. Some guy was getting out of his car and asked if we would like him to take our picture in front of our store.  It turned out my mom knew his good friend. So then we were talking for a long time.

But then we headed over to the grocery store. I really like that it is right across the street.

OMG!!! Look at these baby bananas. They are so cute.

I am so important I am getting phone calls in the store. LOL!! Not really. I am talking to my little brother to see if he is working. He works in this store, but today he is off.

Ahhh look at me and my mom taking a selfie. We were having so much fun.

On the way out I was talking to some people. They saw my picture in the newspaper. 

Meet Sister Ronquillo from the Philippines and Sister Stone from St. George, Utah.  They are Mormon Missionaries and they came to see us in the store. I was telling them all about our pillowcase project.

They are so nice. Sister Stone has a sister with Down syndrome. Hi Mary if you are reading this.

Good picture mom. My arms were flying so fast because the Cleveland Browns won. Did you read that. The CLEVELAND BROWNS WON!!!!

Ahh...this is really special. My baby brother is 18 today!!!!!! Happy Birthday Matt. I love you!!!!

More customers coming in to see me.  I love talking with them. They are like our friends. They know all about me.

And now Moda Mark is here. He is a salesman from our largest fabric supplier. He always brings we treats. I like that.

Shhh...don't tell my mom. We got really busy downstairs so I snuck up to my favorite chair to watch a video on my ipad.

But then I knew she was looking for me so I came back downstairs.

Back to work with some more labeling.

And now I am arranging them into a basket to put into a display.

I think I am going to put them here on this table.

Now I have new fabric to cut open.  

It comes in with plastic wrapped around it. I have to pull it off before it goes out on display. 

This is going to be fun. My dad just dropped me off at the store because he is going out.

My mom and me are going to have a pizza party because it is opening night for the Cavs.  Do you see me?

Do you see me now?  LeBron is back and I am so excited!!

Here I am!!! 

It's Halloween...
"Sarah, Where are you?"
"Up here Mom."
LOL!! I hear her going up the stairs.
Then she comes back down.
"Where Sarah?"
"Up here mom."
"Sarah I don't see you."
"In the window."
"The window!?!"
"Yes Mom."
"What are you doing in the window?"

"Holding the pumpkin quilt."

"Sarah, you are like a live window mannequin." Great that means I can't move my body. Only my eyes. 

It was nice and warm up in this window because the sun was shinning. So do you know what I did...

I fell asleep in the front window of our quilt shop!!! It was like a trick. Happy Halloween!!!!!