My Name is Sarah

MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sunny September

I had to get up really early today to meet the electrician at the new store. We have to have some extra lighting put in so we can see to sew.

Al & Tom are almost done. The walls are all painted and the woodwork is finished. Now we are waiting for the carpet and floor to come.

It looks like the carpet is in. But wait. This is not the store. This is my dad's new office. It looks the same because we had the walls painted the same color. It is Sherwin Williams #7209 called Agreeable Gray. We love that color.   

Now we are back at our temporary store. I have to get busy sewing today. 

I am making pillowcases. 

We do not have a place for people to help us sew here so I am making them all myself.

Now I am back working on my computer.

I was given some gift cards to Target for my 25th birthday. So my mom took me there tonight. She said, "Sarah, you can go shopping and I am going to wait for you in the snack shop."  So I did. And here is what I bought. A whole season of Castle and a new movie with John Stamos. I like him. 

OMG!! Look at this thing in our tree. I told my mom to keep going. Fast. So they don't bite us.

Time for a check up. I have not been to my doctor in almost one year.  

Well that was easy. We always sneak in the back door so we don't have to pass the sick people in the waiting room. 

Can you guess where I am?  I'm at Snow Bros. Appliances in Lyndhurst. We have to buy a refrigerator for my dad's new office and a microwave for the quilt shop.  We always come here because they are my friends. 

And speaking of friends, look who is here. My friend Melissa. We went to school together. I love seeing people I know when I am out in the community.

Can you guess where I am now?

I am getting produce at Sun Plum Market. It is so cute in here.

And it's looking pretty cute in our new shop too!  The front window blinds went up today.

Oh I am so excited. The carpet is here. They are putting it on my steps.

OH YES! They put carpet on my singing platform. It's like my own private stage to sing from.  

I think I am really going to like it here.

Especially when my television and desk gets here with my computer. It is going over in this corner.

Oh how fun. My mom brought over two of our stools so I can sit down... the fabric bar!! LOL. That's what we are going to call the cutting counter.

My dad moved his office today. There are boxes everywhere. He is so happy to see me.

Shh...don't tell anyone but I am sitting at TJ's desk in his new office. He is going to like it here. It is very clean and organized.

Yikes!! Look at this. The movers brought all the fabric over today.  Now we are going to have to get really busy.

But first, we have a little something to do. I am going to be meeting with a photographer to have my picture taken. I need a publicity shot for a big project I am going to be working on as soon as we get the store together.  That is why we are at this park. 

This is Sarah Marie. She is an amazing photographer. 

How do I look? 

Ok this is a little scary on this bridge, but I am trying to be really cool about it. 

"Mom, STOP!" That's what I screamed when I saw our favorite rest stop on the freeway. We always used to stop here when we went to Columbus. It is such a nice sunny day, that I sat on the bench. It just seemed natural to keep posing. 

So my mom kept snapping my picture.

She said I could be a model with all my posing. Ha no way. I have other things to do.

Like buy some new furniture for the store.

Today I am back in Medina to speak to the Honey Bee Quilters Guild.

They are very nice. I am passing out our new cards to let everyone know we are moving to a new location.

Now this is the life. I am sitting and they are ironing and packing up all the pillowcases we brought with us.

We completed 205 cases. Now it is time for a door prize. They let me draw the lucky number.

We are on our way to the hospital but first my mom said she wanted to stop somewhere fun. This is it.

Meet LaKisha, owner of Baker Blvd. Do you know what makes this place famous? Well I am holding them. Cupcakes! LaKisha and her husband delivered them to all the neighbors that live on the same street as LeBron James when he came home to thank them for being nice when so many media people were parked outside his house. LaKisha is so nice.

Well that was s fun stop.

And now here we are at Akron Children's Hospital to deliver pillowcases for the kiddos.  

Look who came down to meet us. My bestest pal, Lisa. She used to be our neighbor. Now she is a medical social worker at this hospital. She is going to take the pillowcases in for us because we have to get back to Cleveland.

"Hey mom, look." It says, "Welcome Home LeBron." Very good reading Sarah. 

"Mom, look at that." "What Sarah?"  "The Heart Association is on that bus." "You are very observant today Sarah."  

Back in Cleveland. Well University Heights to be exact. And look at this. All of our furniture is here. And it fits!!


I am so excited for our new store. We are closed for two weeks while we get it ready.

"Hi Dad. I had a really good time today. We went alot of places." brother is working hard putting some new furniture together. 

Oh I like their new workroom/kitchen. 

I think I will just leave this surprise for them on the counter.  On the left...Just a boy from Akron Cherry Cola and Double chocolate Slam Dunk on the right. I hope they like them. 

Oh look at this. My baby brother was elected to the Homecoming Court at our high school. I am so proud of him.

My mom and I have been working really hard to get the store together. My dad came over to see us. His new office is so close he can walk here.  

I am so happy. My computer is finally here!!

I have to call Grandma & Grandpa. I have their number on my cell phone.

"Hi Grandma, It's me. Sarah. I am coming over for dinner."

Now I am really sad. I forgot my iPad. So I am crying. But my mom is going to take me home to get it.

That's better now I am happy. Grandpa too. He always makes me feel better.

Oh look at this. A Nemo cookie. My mom got it for me just because she said she knew it would make me happy. The end.