My Name is Sarah

MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Awesome August

So much excitement this month.

It's the eve of my birthday. I have not been feeling so well. But tonight I am feeling so much better. My mom said we had something exciting to do. But first we stopped to surprise my dad at his office. and my mom. We're a team.

It's selfie time. Hey don't forget about me down here. Do you see that truck in the back? It is from AT&T. The phones are not working. Again.

Oh my mom was right. This is exciting. I am hanging my sign in our new store window.

My mom said to me..."Happy Birthday Sarah. A new store and your very own sewcial lounge for your 25th birthday!" I liked that.

I like this too. A freedom accessible parking spot right in front.  Finally we have a store that you can wheel right in. We even have a really nice big restroom with lots of grab bars. My grandma will really like that.

My mom said we could eat dinner wherever I wanted. So I picked Boston Market. I used to always ask for mashed potatoes when I was sick.

Do you know what I am doing?  I'm checking the expiration date on the milk. I always do that wherever I go.

We decided to take it home with us. That way my mom can do laundry while we eat. We are really far behind on washing our clothes.

Today, August 9th, I am 25 years old. You can read all about it and see more pictures by clicking here.

On Sunday, we got up bright and early to go out for my birthday breakfast. 

I chose Panera. I love their bagels. We are going to take it back to the store to eat it.

I am really good at spreading the cream cheese.

Oh look at this. We had a very special visitor come today. This is Sophie's mom Jennifer. We know her from her blog. They were driving back from a trip out west and made plans to come through Cleveland to see us. Sophie is not here though. She is staying with her grandparents.

Look who's here. It's my favorite construction guy...Al Pestotnik. He is going to make our new store look beautiful. Just like a happy little cottage. You can read a little more about our connection here.

Look who's back. It's my big brother TJ. He has been on vacation with Julie.

OMG!!! I am so busted. My mom just came down in the middle of the night and caught me eating chocolate chip cookies.  She scared me so bad I think I am having a heart attack.

It was such a beautiful night and my little brother is playing soccer in Solon so my mom asked me if I wanted to go. I said, "Sure."

But then the sky got really dark and we saw big lightening. So we had to leave the metal stands and go down on the rubber track. I thought maybe I could catch some rain in my water bottle.

They called the game off. Matt had to run to catch the bus, but before he left he stopped to take a picture with me.

Wow! Look at this. They are really working hard on our store. It looks so different.

We have a bunch of new cabinets. That should help us be more organized.

I am really sad. The cable is out and I wanted to watch tv tonight.

Some new fabric came in that I ordered at quilt market. So I am going to make a new quilt.

It was hard for me to reach the top so my mom got out the step stool. I was scared. I started to cry a little.

But my mom kept saying, "C'mon Sarah. You can do it!" And finally I did. 

I was really proud of myself then. 

I am putting the finishing touches on it and moving a few things around. 

Ha look at this. I dressed myself this morning to match my quilt.

Now I have to get sewing.

Look at this. It is like a kite tail.

"Ouch!!!" I just stuck myself with a pin. So now I am sucking the blood off. Gross.

Ahhh...look at how pretty my Grandparent's flowers are. My grandpa feeds them all the time. Here we are. The three of us.

OMG!!!! My mom just brought me up to see my new sewcial lounge.  And guess what????  I have a tv connection with the Disney channel!!!!!! This is a BIG surprise for me. I am so happy!!

And we have a new stair railing. It is much easier for me to come down the steps now.

Before we leave, I get to pick out the flooring. My mom said it is my choice between these two woods. I pick this one. "Good choice Sarah." my mom said. "You are a good designer."

Now we are at my little brother's football game. I am eating a piece of pizza.

I am lucky. I get to sit in the very first row when I am in my wheelchair.

I can see Matty really good from here. That's him #40. He is on the ground because a player is hurt. But then he was ok so the game started again.

Now I am right next to the band. They are really loud. 

Look who is here. It is Alex Kowalski. He goes to Brush and he is a swimmer. Read more about him here.


and Dad.

Hey look who is here. It is Natalie. She was the homecoming queen when we were at Brush. She lives in New York City. She is home for her ten year reunion.  I am so happy to see her.