My Name is Sarah

MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Last night my mom told me Moda Mark was coming to the store in the morning.  That means I get to pick out fabric to buy.  I asked her what he was bringing.  She told me Halloween and Christmas. 

I knew just what to wear this morning...

What do you think?  Lol!! The fabric is even going to say Boo:)

Next it was time to pick out the Christmas fabric.  I like Mark. He gives me these cute little sample packs.  I put them in my pocket and took them upstairs to show everyone in the office.

Guess which one is my favorite?  It is called Joy and it has been designed by my very favorite Kate Spain.  Hey I have not talked to Kate for a while. I need to call her I think.  O.K. Happy Halloween.  Merry Christmas:)  Laughing here in the shop.  I think we are all mixed up on holidays.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Twenty years ago today...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Down Right Perfect

There's a new book I want to show you.  The cover is so adorable!!

It is called Down Right Perfect.  It is by Kristina Bewley.  She is a photographer.

Inside are lots of really cute pictures. I was having so much fun looking at all of them.

There is a story to go with the pictures too.  Here is the story about Giselle. Oh my gosh she is so precious.  Her mom created this book with the help of others.  There are stories about Wesley, Ella, Caleb, Josiah, Sydney, Kara, Ben, Randy, Lillian, Ian, Brendon, Grace, Zachary, Jackson, Penelope, Reed,  and Shonn too.  They are all so cute and they are all wearing really fun clothes.

My mom said I could decide where to put the book in our store.  I picked this display.  I think it fits perfectly right here.  Hey that's a match.  Down Right Perfect.  Come get one now.  Or you can order it from Amazon right here with this link

The Gift Card Goes To...

Love this...

Thank you Debbie!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Call from Texas

This is me waiting...

I'm about to talk to Noah's Dad...

My mom forgot to turn the speaker on at first but I was listening.  Rick is going to take Noah to see Disney on Ice when he gets bigger.  I think he will like it.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Monday, January 16, 2012

Dare to Dream

Guess where we went today?

It was my mom's annual birthday treat.

This year Matt and Jessica went with us.

Maybe this will give you a clue?

Now you have to know.  Disney on Ice.

This year's show was Dare to Dream. It featured Princess and the Frog...

Can you guess this one?

Cinderella!!! And Tangled.

It was an awesome show.  We had a very good time.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meet Noah and his Dad

YOU must watch this. Noah is soooooooooooo cute!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Look Out Below

We had a sale last week at the quilt shop and we sold a lot of fabric. 

Look at all these empty bolts.  We had a contest over on the store blog to see if people could guess how many were stacked up.

Yesterday we numbered all of them and guess what, we had a winner.  Just as we were about to leave last night my mom asked me how high I could reach.  So I showed her.  And then I heard her scream, "Sarah don't touch it." 

Too late.  They all came tumbling down. Right. On. My. Head.  Ouch!! But it didn't really hurt. We laughed. Then we really laughed.  Until we realized my mom was trapped in the stairwell down below.  And we were the only people left in the building. I had to start digging her out.  Then she fell onto the empty bolts when she was trying to climb out. That's when we started laughing so hard I could hardly catch my breath.

You just never know what my mom and me are going to do next... 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bye Bye Sippy Cup

Twenty years ago today...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday TJ

Today is my big brother's birthday.

Julie had a party for him with a chocolate cake and candles.

I got to go.  It was fun.

Julie is a good cook.  Happy birthday TJ!!!