My Name is Sarah

MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Snowfall

"Surprise," my mom said.  There is snow on the ground.  Yikes. I had to find my boots.

Even though I have them on I do not like to get them wet. So I balance walking on the curb.

Taa daa. I made it and safely protected the cookies in my hand at the same time.  What kind do you think they are?

Uhh ohh.  Looks like someone is getting a speeding ticket.  Over there.

Friday, November 25, 2011

When Girls Grow Up

Last night my friend Stacy came over.  As soon as I saw her I told her congratulations. I had been practicing that word all week.

Stacy and Adam just got engaged.  I am so happy for them. I like Adam. He plays jarts with me.

Stacy showed me her ring. It is beautiful. And shinny.

And then Stacy said she wanted to ask me something. 

She wants me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding!!! At first I said no. Because that is how I answer just about every question. Then we decided I would watch a few shows like Seventh Heaven and Gilmore Girls that have weddings in them to see what I need to do.  Then she told me her sisters Lisa and Kelly and her friend Alex from down the street would also be bridesmaids. So I said yes.

Is this so exciting?!!! My mom cried.  She was so happy for Stacy and so touched that she asked me to be in her wedding.  Stacy is coming home again for Christmas and we are going to lunch. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

TJ and me ~ 1993

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sweet Dreams Baby Iris

Iris Catherine Palma
7/7/2010 ~ 11/20/2011
In our hearts forever
Hugs and prayers to your family

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Twenty Years Ago Today...

Stacy and me.

Bestest friends.

Late Breaking News Flash...

He asked and she said YES!!! My BFF is getting married:) Congratulations to Stacy and Adam!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lots of Coins for Katie

We have the best customers at the quilt store. Do you remember this post? We decided we wanted to help collect coins to bring Katie home. There was even a post about it on Katie's blog.  She is so cute:)

It has been one month and look at this jar. It is almost over the top.  It had some green money in it too. My mom already put that into a special envelope because one of them was a $50.00 bill. Can you believe it!!!

So we decided it was time to count the coins.

First I dumped them all out on the tray.

Then I started sorting the coins into piles.

Sometimes I picked them up and sometimes I moved them around with my finger.

So far there are a lot of quarters and dimes.  Stay tuned for the counting part...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Twenty Years Ago Today...

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Today was the Wildwood Quilt Show in Mentor, Ohio.  I had to get up really early because we had to get the display set up before the show started.

I had a chair right next to our table. I was in charge of the calculator, the money and the bags.  While I was sitting there I saw a lot of people I know.  One time I nudged my mom and said, "Hey look who's here? It's Aimee."  She works in our store sometimes.  Then I saw Stacy's Grandma and Grandpa. 

I had lunch in the private vendor's dining room. That's where all the shop owners get to eat. They had turkey subs for us to eat. I love turkey subs. I stayed in there all by myself because I know so many of the people now. 

Then I went back to our booth. While I was gone they turned the fans on and it was freezing in there. So you know what I did? I whipped a quilt right off the table and wrapped it around my shoulders.  Now I'm a quilt model. LOL!!!  It was a very good day. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Worth Your Time

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Helping Heidi come Home

We have a lot of fun samples in our quilt shop. People are asking all the time to buy them. So far we haven't sold any.  We have been trying to figure out what to do with them once the fabric collection they are made out of is gone.  Then we had a request come in asking if we had something we could offer for a craft show that would be helping to raise money to bring Heidi home.

Of course we said yes. Look how sweet Heidi is. My mom says that could be me when I was little.

So I got busy gathering up some cute items from around the store. I knew just the perfect things too.

The bibs and burb cloths made out of Kate Spain's Central Park.  They have really cute animals on them. I also picked a stuffed ball and a cuddly block with a rattle inside.  My mom picked some more bibs and a cute quilt made out of Sunkissed by Sweetwater.

I carefully put them all in bags to keep them clean and dry. Then I packed them into a big box.

Next I wrote a little note.  I like writing notes.  There is a little surprise on the back of the card. I'm not going to tell you what it is though because one day I might be sending you a note:)

If you would like to read more about the family who is adopting Heidi click here.  They may also be giving more details about the craft show in the future.