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Monday, October 3, 2011

The State Fair

Ten Years Ago...

My Girl Scout Troop 1977 went to the Ohio State Fair.

We were going to march in the parade and I was going to carry this flag. So I had to practice.

Time for the parade to begin.

Do you see me?  I was doing a really good job.

As we were rounding the bend, Mrs. Maddox pulled up beside me with the wheelchair so I could make it the rest of the way.  I had been really sick that summer.

Hey no fair. Look where my mom got to ride.  She had the bag with all the emergency medical equipment with her. Just in case, but we never had to use it.

After the parade we went into the arts & crafts barn and helped lead some craft activities.

We also entered our scrapbooks into the exhibit. Everyone received a ribbon.

Late that night, we got to hang out on the midway.  We are looking at jewelry.  Some of my friends bought some to take home.

While we were walking around the fair it started to rain really hard.  We got soaked. It was fun.

Look at me. I am so wet. But I did not care. My mom let me buy this dolphin. It lite up like a flashlight.

That night I slept with it.  We got to sleep in the bunk house that the people training to become State Highway patrol officers stay in. That was fun.

The next day we got to go on the fair rides.  Here I am with Jessica and Kelly. I was a little scared.

Then we went on the merry-go-round. I really liked that one.

Then my friends wanted to go on this really fast one. I was scared. So my mom went with me.

But then she was screaming louder than me.

Next stop was bumper cars. I liked driving my own car.

We even went through the fun house.  The floor made really funny noises.

Then we went into some barns.  Look at the little baby chicks. That's the other Sarah holding one. And Nina and Jennifer.

Oh cool. A corn maze.

I can climb this corn. I know I can.

Almost to the top.  Don't look down. Oh wait, it looks like I did.

Coming down was harder than going up.

Time to head back to the dorm for dinner.  My friends took turns pushing me so I would not get worn out.

I love dinner time.  My favorite was the hot dog and french fries.

Posing for a picture in front of the Girl scout sign.

Time for a little fun.

Looks like I'm the Congo line leader.

One final picture in front of the big red bird.  The cardinal is the state bird of Ohio.  That was a fun trip to the Ohio State Fair.


Adelaide Dupont said...

State Fairs and agricultural shows are fantastic, Sarah.

So many great moments with your friends here.

And you climbing that corn and going through the parade!

The rides!

Craft, of course, is wonderful. The Scouts scrapbooking.

I imagine the fun house floor must have squeaked. Try it with tennis shoes :-).

Cardinal picture was fantastic and a good one to end it off with.

Sabrina Steyling said...

Great post, Sarah! I loved all of your pictures. I was never in the Girl Scouts, but it sure looks like you had lots of fun at the State Fair that year! Thanks for sharing. :)

Kim said...

I was a Girl Scout too - I can't believe you climbed that corn. It looked high!

Kim @

Rochelle said...

LOVE this post. Sarah you are amazing. So thankful to have role models like you for my girls to look up to!

Miss Magic said...


I loved reading about your Girl Scout adventures! I can't believe you made it so high up on the corn. I would have looked down and chickened out :-).

I'll stop by often to see what you are up to and check out your wonderful pictures.

Nice to meet you!
Carol (mom to Maren -10 years old).

AZ Chapman said...

nice post

Amy said...

What awesome memories! I know I have a lot of fond memories of being a Girl Scout as well. :) I hope my Evan will want to join scouts when he gets older! :)

Shelly Turpin said...

that looks like so much fun! Good times

Unknown said...

Wow, such wonderful memories you've made. Love all the GREAT pictures. You are such an inspiration to so many.