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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Soccer Sister

Tonight, I officially became a Soccer Sister.  My little brother had his first soccer game for our high school.

As we were walking in, they were announcing the players.  Then I heard #11 Matt Ely Freshman.  Hey nobody told me he made Varsity.  Now I'm a Varsity Soccer Sister. I like that.

There he is #11.

He just kicked the ball. Good job Matt.

I think I'm going to take a walk to the snack shop. I know where it is because I went to high school here too. Remember...Class of 2008.

Hey Dad, want some Cheetohs.  Oh I forgot to tell you. My dad played soccer for this same school when he was in high school.

This is a good place to stand. I can see the whole field. How do you like my shirt? It was from my little blogging friend Leah's Buddy Walk Team.  Our school colors are brown and gold so I thought it would be perfect to wear to the game tonight.

Game's over.  We lost 0-2 to Nordonia. Maybe we will win next time.  Ohhh Matt is going to be in big trouble. He is walking the field without his shoes on.  Mom is not going to be happy when she sees his dirty socks. LOL!!!


AZ Chapman said...

congrats to your brother for making Varsity freshman year I love soccer

Adelaide Dupont said...

The Varsity Team has a lot of great Soccer Sisters in the tradition.

And Matt ... what happened to your socks?

(Obviously the boys were playing at home, so they wear white socks and shorts).

Cindy said...

Too bad they lost. But it looks like you had a good evening!

P.S Did your mom ever get those socks clean?

Mary said...

Cute shirt ;)
Good luck to Matt and his team! Leah will be playing TOPS Soccer this Fall for the first time.

GirlWithTheCane said...

Soccer Sister! Sounds like fun... :)