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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big Pay Out from the Tooth Fairy

My tooth has been killing me lately. I did not want to tell my mom and dad, but I had to. Today I went to the dentist.

haaa...look at this. It is a picture of my teeth. I have to take it with me when I go to meet a different dentist. He has to take my wisdom teeth out. My dad told me that should mean a big pay out from the tooth fairy. Yes!!!!!!!!!

My mom scanned the x-ray so you can see it better. Do you see that little backwards R. Follow that directly to the first wisdom tooth. It is going sideways into my other tooth. That is the one that is killing me. Now if you look really close you can see I only have a half a wisdom tooth on that side up top and no wisdom tooth up top on the other side. Weird.

This lighter version might be easier to see on your computer.

I'll let you know as soon as it is scheduled. My mom thinks maybe we better do it at the hospital, just in case I have a hard time coming out of the anesthesia.


amyl4 said...

I agree Sarah, those teeth should bring in big bucks!!LOL! Jimmy didn't have any wisdom teeth, that's weird huh?:)

Karen said...

I think the tooth fairy should pay you in Target gift cards. Lots of them.

Kristen said...

I had wisdom teeth that did the same thing..laying on its side not really able to pop up like teeth should. I had to get them removed too.

I hope the procedure goes well for you. Good luck!

Miranda said...

Oh you poor thing! They look similar to mine- I had them taken out a few months ago. Surprisingly it is not that bad and you get to eat lots of jelly and ice-cream! Hope it goes well, I recommend lots of sleep and keep the icepacks on for a week (it really helps stop the bruising and looking blue!)
goodluck, you'll be fine :)

Lisa said...

hey sarah...i got all four of mine out many years ago and when i went to the dentist last month they found that i have a tiny little half wisdom tooth still up there! Make sure you stock up on lots of milkshakes and mashed potatoes!!

JennyH said...

ouch! Good luck when you do get them out.

I am also missing a wisdom tooth like you and one is very small. Luckily the other 2 are just fine so I can't give any tips to you about having them removed.

Yeah, big bucks!

Rochelle said...

Oh I hope the tooth fairy brings lots of goodies and cash!
Let us know so we can be praying for you.

To Love Endlessly said...

Those should be some money makers, lol!! Keep us posted and I sure hope they can get you in sooner rather than later. No sense being in pain if not necessary.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Yes, definitely a big payout on the wisdom teeth. Good luck.


Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Sarah, you are my hero! I have to have the rest of my wisdom teeth removed and I have to admit I've been a bit of a baby about it. But if you can do it, I can.

I look forward to seeing what the toothfairy brings you!

Kate D. Spain said...

Sarah, hope you get those teeth removed soon! Can't wait to see what the tooth fairy brings you! Another thing we have in common...i only have one wisdom tooth on top, too. Hope you have a speedy recovery. xo

Mary said...

Ouch, I bet it does hurt! I had mine out several years ago (they had to do a bit of surgery to remove them) and was OUT for a week!