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Monday, January 25, 2010

22 + 19 + 1 = 42 Daughters

A message from Joyce: A few months after Matt (our third child if you're new to our blog) was born, an acquaintance suggested that I must be sad that I had another boy. I wasn't sure what she meant by her statement, as I had never felt that way. Not sure what to say, I simply gave her a quizzical look to which she responded, "I just mean, oh you know, then you would have a normal daughter too." I was taken a bit off guard, but my quick reaction was, "Oh don't worry, I have forty two daughters."

I was referring to my Girl Scouts of course. I don't really have 42 daughters, but I always looked at my troops of Scouts as my daughters, 22 Juniors plus 19 Daisies plus Lisa equals 42. As time quickly flew by, they grew up. Before I knew it, they were packing for college, or settling into full time jobs. Sadly, I recognized that I would likely loose track of most of them as they headed off to different parts of the country.

I was wrong. Enter Facebook. Imagine how excited I was to open Facebook last week and have Happy Birthday messages waiting for me from many of them. Yes, my "Girl Scout daughters" have friended me on Facebook. I am honored. I rarely respond to their daily status statements for fear of embarrassing them, but I love keeping up with what they are doing. They are all working hard to pursue their dreams. I feel like I had a tiny part in helping along the way and that makes me happy.

If that wasn't enough, I went to the mailbox and found this card...

...from Lisa. I was so touched.

Then you might remember that Sarah arranged for us to go see Disney on Ice in a suite last Saturday and Lisa came along. We had a fun time.

Yet what brought me back to that conversation about daughters so many years ago, was a message Lisa sent to me. A few posts back I wrote about how I had been working really hard to have myself in a place of being able to use this 50th celebration as a spring board to being truly positive and excited about the next half of my life. I wrote about how a painful experience had opened my eyes to needing to make some changes.

Here is just a snippet of what Lisa sent to me:

I read your blog segment on Sarah's page last night and just wanted to send you a note. First of all, I am so sorry about the struggles you had to go through these past few months. People truly do not realize the pain they cause others with their words. I was however so inspired by what you did to examine yourself...the steps you took, the risks (as many of them were probably difficult) that you engaged in, and the soul-searching you did. You have always been such a constant in my life over the many years and I have always treasured the advice you have given me and the time you have taken to listen. I want you to know that I am here to do the same for you if you ever need it...

Of course I wept while reading it. It is so well written, so mature, so natural and such a beautiful message. While it's true that I may have only one birth daughter, who in the eyes of others may have limitations, I have been deeply blessed to have been given the opportunity to be involved with other girls. I started out in a nurturing role when they were young, then I moved to facilitator as they assumed more of their own leadership and now they are helping me. If I were ever to see that woman again, I would like to tell her about my circle of life, my 42 daughters and how grand my journey has been.


The Hapa Girl said...

This is the confidence that I am seeking. Thank you.

Adelaide Dupont said...

It is so important to have that role with other people's children as well as your own, as it tightens up the community and expands it.