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MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Dazzling December

Guess where I am?

Still not sure?

I am at the dentist. I usually like coming here.

But today I have a big problem.

Do you see that wisdom tooth on the bottom. It is impacted and pushing on my other tooth. Sometimes it bothers me a little.  I am going to have to see a different dentist.

But not today. Here we are in our favorite car wash. That is how you know it is a Monday. 

And then we head to music therapy. Oh look...Miss Bonnie has a little Olaf. How cute.

My mom told me she had a surprise waiting for me in my new Sewcial Lounge. Yep, look at this. All my favorite quilts are hanging in my corner. I have my slippers on. Now you know why we call it a lounge. LOL!

I love sitting on the steps. Tom and Al did such a great job rebuilding this staircase for us.

Yes! New Hanukkah fabric came in. I am going to make some pillowcases for the kiddos in the hospital who celebrate.

And look at this. I have four Mormon missionaries who are going to help me sew them.

My grandma has been in the hospital. I have been worried about her. Today my Grandpa came into the quilt shop to tell us how she is doing. I was very happy to see him.

We have been so busy cutting pillowcases look at this pile of scraps. They are fun to play with. mom doesn't know it, but I snuck her camera upstairs when she got busy with customers. And then I took a whole bunch of selfies. LOL!!!!!

Haahaaa...She caught me.  And then she said...Sarah I have a plan...

Next thing you know I am on my way to Columbus to shop at the American Girl Store.  You can read all about that trip by clicking here.

Next we went to see my Grandma in the hospital. I told my mom that I had to see her because I miss her.

My grandma told me her ears were cold. So that's when I took off my headband and gave it to her to wear. She really liked it.

While we were at the hospital we ran into Alex's mom. That's my friend who went to prom with me. I am writing him a note to see if he wants to go to my music therapy share day. I hope he says yes.

I forgot to show you what I got when we were at the American Girl Store. I've never had a bitty baby before.

This packaging makes it look like she has a trach just like I did.

Ahh it's just like having a real baby.

Look how cute this dress is. We named her Sewfie.

She is going to live at the quilt shop with us, so I think I will put her in the crib.

This is sorta freaky. Today when I got up I decided to wear my Class of 2008 shirt. That's the year I graduated from high school. And then guess what happened? In the middle of the afternoon Mrs. Benjamin came in to see me. She was my teacher from high school. I was so happy to see her. 

LOL!!! Me with Grandma & Grandpa reading my blog at their house.

Remember that I had to go see a different dentist. Well here we are. I did not know it would be at the hospital, but all the other oral surgeons said "No way." They would not take my teeth out. So we are at Metrohealth Hospital.

The waiting room was packed full, but my mom said I could not be around other people because they might have the flu. So she hunted and searched and found us a private empty room.

Then they called us back to the exam room. My dad took the day off work so he came with us too.

Meet Dr. Martinez. I really super liked him. I told him nothing could happen until I go see Disney on Ice. He said sure Sarah. But then he looked at all my medical records and my teeth and said "No Way, Sarah." Just like all the others. He said it is much too risky to take me to the operating room with my scary airway unless my teeth are hurting really bad.  

So we got to go home. It looks like it was really cold out today doesn't it? Nope. This is my cover up so I don't breath in germs and cigarette smoke. It works.

My mom was driving because she wanted to go somewhere in a neighborhood that my dad does not know about. All of a sudden I yelled, "Stop!" Look at this!! It is a street named after my dad. I told him he had to get out of the car so we could take his picture. But then I was laughing so hard the car was shaking, so my mom said, "Sarah, stop laughing. I can't hold the camera steady."

And the best part...this happened on my dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Guess what? It's Christmas. And we are celebrating at my grandparent's new house.

We were all sitting around talking...

and then we were getting dinner ready.

I was helping to serve the food.

I'm always a daddy's girl.  Smile dad!!

Now it is time to open presents. I like this part.

I got some new Uggs in green.

and new gloves and a hat to go with my new coat.

I think everybody was having a really good time. This is the first Christmas we have all been together in a really long time. I loved it.

OH another surprise. I got Saige!! I love that she is an artist.  Thank you G & G.

Grandpa is looking at a book of pictures. We had our family photos taken a few days before Christmas. They are really good. I think he likes them.

And here is the best present of all. These are all the Reece's Rainbow Angels we have sponsored in the past few years. I know some of these little kiddos are home now with their forever families and that makes me happy. Merry Christmas everyone!!

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Dear Sarah:

My first for 2015!

Three things:

1. I hope Alex does come to Share Day.

2. You can make your selfie panels into a quilt. (And I wonder if you and your Mum have tried selfie sticks - if they are in Cleveland and environs?)

3. Hooray for the missionaries and the lounge!

And I am hoping for all the people in the Stone house to be well.