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MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Week in the Life of Me

April 22 - 28. 2012

The week started kind of messy.  My mom had to ask me to stay in my room while she emptied out the nasty stuff in the vacuum cleaner.  Then she asked me to get dressed while she took a shower because we had somewhere to go...

I should have known. A vacuum cleaner store.  She said we were out to find one with a bag. So we went to the Oreck store.  She had me try out a few and I liked the swivel one the best.  So we bought it.

Then we went to have lunch at Roly Poly.  Today, I had them make my turkey wrap hot.  It was good but I think I like cold better. 

Late that night I woke up very thirsty. So I filled my water bottle from the refrigerator so I would not wake anyone up. My mom still caught me and thought this was very clever.

On Wednesday, I was on my computer and discovered facebook. I was having fun looking at lots of pictures.  Then I spotted Ashely. She has an IV and is getting an infusion. I hate those.  So I wanted to talk to her.  My mom told I could wave to her and she would take a picture and we would post it and then her mom would let her see.

I was having so much fun. There are so many cute pictures on here. 

OMG!!! Look at how cute these puppies are.  They belong to Micah.

Later in the day this lady came in to show us glass buttons she makes.  She is from North Dakota and she reads my blog.  If you look closely someone I know just walked in. 

It is Stacy and Lisa's grandma. Her real name is Lila, but I call her Stacy's grandma.  She has been in the hospital so it is really good to see her. 

Later that night my mom took a picture of me looking at the picture of me looking at facebook.  Whew that was a long sentence.


On Friday I had lots to do at the store.  I put all the labels on the new charm packs.

Then we got in a new size of thread.  We decided to put it on one of these thread racks so my mom gave me the job.   

It reminded me of pegboard work I used to do at my job training program. Hey how did they know I was going to work here one day?

All done.  Now it is late so my mom and I will go home soon.  We are alone this weekend. My dad and brother are in Columbus for a soccer games.

The next morning I was a little sad.  I did not get to say goodbye to Matt.  So I called him. Then I felt better.

We have been having a drawing going on over on the facebook account for the store.  Today Katrina and I are picking the winner.

Oh this is so exciting.  Do you want to know who won?  You have to like the store's facebook page to find out:)

We stayed at the store until pretty late.  Then we went to Target.  My mom let me shop all by myself. I even paid on my own.  And then I waited for her in the snack shop.  Darn. It was already closed. No treats tonight.  Do you want to know what I bought...

LOL!!!!!!  Alvin and The Chipmunks.  I am going to watch it up in my room.  See ya next week.


Sabrina said...

Enjoy Alvin and the Chipmunks! I loved that movie.

The Peterson's said...


I just love reading about your weeks. Thank you for sharing. :)

~Amy (Heidi's Mama)

Cindy said...

Great movie! How is the vacuum cleaner working?