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MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Week in the Life of Me

March 18 ~ 24, 2012

It's been like spring this week in Cleveland. I started wearing capri's already it has been so warm.

And that's when I decided I needed to go shopping.  Do you notice I mostly wear solid color knit shirts? 

My mom suggested I think outside the box and try something different.  So how do you like this silk jacket and shinny top?   

Then we went to Just a Buck.  I was so surprised to see my friend Whitney working the cash register. I have not seen her for a while. 

She asked me if I would like to donate a dollar to Harvest for Hunger. I said yes. I used to work at the Food Bank. So I wrote my name on the form.

I spotted a McDonald's across the street. I asked to go there.  This is the second one we have been to today. The first one was out of apple juice and chocolate chip cookies. So you know what I did?  I yelled, "That's bullsh*t." My mom was shocked.  But my speech was perfect:)

Going for a ride with my dad and Matt and Jessica.  This is a rental car. We need a new car.

When we got out I noticed this license plate. I could not believe my dad went all the way to Dayton in this car. We do not like Michigan so much.    

Today I went to Roly Poly. I finally got to meet Betty.  She has a granddaughter with Down syndrome. So she has been following our story at the quilt shop.

Next we went to the camera store to buy a new camera.  Instead we bought new batteries because I had to get to music therapy. 

After music we went to Dillard's. While we were there two ladies kept following us around. It was getting a little weird. So my mom and I started going up and down the escalator to try to loose them.  They found us again. Finally, the one lady came over and apologized to my mom and told us she just had a granddaughter born with Down syndrome and she and her mom were enjoying watching me and my mom have so much fun. 

Look who came to visit me in the store this week.  My little brother Matt.

Today, I am putting labels on new patterns we got in. I am the master of labeling. 

Next, I am dropping little shells into this jar.  It reminds me alot of what I used to do in therapy when I was little. 

This time it is for a display in the store.  This fabric is called Salt Air.  It has a beach theme.

OMG!! It must be brother week in the store. Look who's here. My big brother TJ.

It's time to take the money to the bank.  I usually go in myself. The guard greets me at the door.  

Next, I get change for the store. I go to two different tellers because they fight over me.  They love me that much.

I know this is going to seem weird. Especially because I own two ipods. But I need to buy a cd player. Mine broke and I still like to listen to some old cds I have. 

Wow!!! another friend working. This is Brittany.  We went to CEVEC together. I like having friends to see.   

Look at this. I bought a whole cart of things at Target and did not have to spend one cent. I had gift cards to spend thanks to Grandma & Grandpa and Julie.  I got the second season of Glee on Dvd. That's what I will be doing tonight.


Kristina Bewley said...

Oh man! You tell that McDonald's that they should never be out of cookies!! That's not cool! Glad you got them though. And I need a new cd player too!

Rochelle said...

WOW what a week! Love the new jacket and shirt by the way!

Krista said...

Great post Sarah, looks like you had a very full day.

Sabrina said...

I used to work at Target just like your friend Brittany - I worked there last year during Christmas. It was fun because the supervisors used to bring in catered food for us. :)

the mommy psychologist said...

Love your sense of humor! First time visitor but I will be back.

"The child psychologist who thought she had all the answers to parenting until she became one herself."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your story with all of us. I enjoy reading your blog. I am a quilter and a Teaching Assistant at a school here in NY. I help a little 7 year old girl named Dani who also has Down Syndrome. I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished! said...

I just found your blog! YAY!!! I love your new outfit by the way and I too LOVE McDonalds chocolate chip cookies! I have a sweet daughter named Grace. She is 2 years old and she also has Down Syndrome, She is the only girl in a family of 6 children. she has 5 older brothers! I look forward to following your blog!

Rebecca said...

What a busy week. I LOVE the "new look" prints are fun to wear. You make me laugh every time I read your blog.

Trish said...

I love your blog Sarah. You show us that life is worth living every day. What you are doing is better than many people who do not have Down syndrome. That is magnificent.

Nan said...

Wow. What a week! I just a bout fell off my chair laughing at your good articulation! Its so great to see what a week is like for you Sara. so many friends1 such wonderful family. and such a great job! Blessed. blessed. blessing!

Tiffany said...

I just LOVE your blog, Sarah! I almost spit out my drink when I read "That's bullshit!" Hilarious...but very true! How are they out of anything???

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Love the new outfit. It's very cute. I wear mostly solid colors too, maybe I should try something different like you did!

Lisa said...

Sarah, you live quite an exciting life :-)! I love this new feature "A Week in the Life of Me" :). Keep up the great work!