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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Counting Update

By Joyce:  I want to give a little update about our previous post.  I have been receiving many requests to share the video with teachers.  Yes, please feel free if you think it will help your child in anyway.  If you would like me to send a link for just the video directly to your email, send us an email at: sarahely8989 at (i'm spelling this out so we don't get spammed, but use the @ sign) and I will send it over.

If you follow us on facebook you have already heard this story, but I'd like to share it here as well.  I stayed in the office late on Thursday to finish the uploading of the video so I could do the post.  When I got home Sarah was waiting for me at the door.  She have me a hug and said, "Mom I saw the video.  Thank you for finding the money machine."  I almost melted right there in a puddle of mush on the floor.  I wonder how many times we have made her do things over and over and over again that were not pleasant, when a simpler solution was available.  And one that gets the job done.  I'm so happy she was able to articulate her feelings to me.

Now I have a question.  There is a big debate going on around me.  Should the title of the post we are talking about been:

1)  Do Counting Coins Matter     or

2)  Does Counting Coins Matter

It seems people here in Ohio are split 50/50.  So I thought I would ask a broader sampling. I'm really not sure.  Maybe I need to go back to grammar class:)

Before I go, I just want to share a photo with you.  Seems my little ole car wants in on this counting discussion too.  I ran to the bank today and on the way back to the store I looked down and...

...check out that odometer. LOL!!! Not to mention the frigid temperature in Cleveland today.  Sarah is really struggling to breath.  We don't dare take her out in this weather.  I just wish we had an oxygen tank in the closet.  She could use some I'm afraid.   


Laura said...

Does - :') easy to figure if you break it apart and answer the question.

Does counting matter? (singular form) Counting does matter.

Do coins matter? (plural form) Coins do matter.

The question here refers to the act of counting which is the singular subject.

Kristin said...

does? :)

To Love Endlessly said...

Does. :-) Great post too! Sometimes everyone needs an easier way to do things. :-) Loved her thank you though, perfect!

Aimee said...

Does! :)

Sue said...

I believe it should be "does". Commenter Laura explained it better than I ever could.

Regina said...

I think Does is correct. Grammer trips me up at times too!

MamaLlama said...

Exactly what Laura said. Does Counting Matter. You are asking if counting matters, not if coins matter. :)


AZ Chapman said...


Rochelle said...

Does! ;)
We all need an easier way to do things sometimes. Thanks again for always keeping it real. I love your posts.

Sarah said...

Does. :)

Melinda said...

Laura is correct. I thought it out like this. You can insert "it" and answer the question.

Does "it" matter?
Does what matter?
The COUNTING of the coins. So,
Does counting matter?

You are not concerned with the coins, but the COUNTING of the coins.

Allison said...

I agree with Laura's grammar statements! So glad that Sarah told you she likes the coin machine!

Leah S. said...

Does. Take out the "counting coins" and you're left with either "Do it matter" or "Does it matter".

123K miles is nothing! We drive cars until they die, which for us is usually well over 200K miles. We're in the process of getting a used van that has 250K miles on it and still runs fantastic.

I know for Sarah the cold temps are really tough. I wouldn't call them frigid though. Thats a warm MN February day! (actually, it hit 40 here today, but our entire winter has been super unseasonably warm!)