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Monday, July 18, 2011

Trust and Transparency

by Joyce:  As the events were unfolding regarding the iPad and money scam I wrote about a view days ago, my greatest concern was for the families that are working so hard to raise funds to bring precious children home from countries who do not embrace the extra chromosome like we do.  So many of them have giant enormous hearts for these kiddos, yet need our financial assistance as international adoption is so very expensive.  The easiest way for them to fund raise is through their blogs.  I was so worried this one unfortunate situation would deter some from doing so.

Last night I received an email that helped me separate the difference between the two. 

A legitimate organization will issue a thank you letter.  In this case, they even identify the family fund my donation has been applied to.

It will contain specific information as to where I may contact them if I have any questions.

And it will contain their tax ID as well as state they are a registered 501 c 3 charity.  If you would like more information regarding non profit status and ways to identify a legitimate organization, clink this link on Ellen's blog

In my opinion, it's all about transparency. Without crystal clear disclosure, there is little to trust. And trust is so important. Unfortunately, one thoughtless person can create this mistrust.  Please do not let it deter you from seeking out the organizations who are working so hard to gain your trust.



Michelle Z said...

Eek! I didn't know my letter would go public ;) It's a brush with fame!

Thank you, though -- I work really hard at making donors feel confident that they know where their funds go, and to be accessible for people to contact me if they have questions.

I don't know much about this iPad mess other than what I've been reading now, after they've failed to materialize, and I feel awful for the families who 'won' and are still waiting for answers.

blogzilly said...

Hey Joyce,
It is very difficult to know who to trust and who not to trust, you are absolutely right. I wish that we had he ability to become a legit 501(c)(3) fast, but we can't, and we will have to tackle this project just like any other individual would, at first.

So we'll have to deal with a lot of trust issues, and the like, and I totally respect anyone who decides not to donate because of what has gone down, I really do. I'd be a fool not to expect that level of hesitation. Though we will do all we can to have full transparency, we won't be able to grant the tax deduction at first.

But how quickly we can get linked to someone who CAN? That remains to be seen. Hopefully sooner rather than later obviously.

Hey, no one ever said this mountain was gonna be EASY to climb. ;)

Kristin said...

Great post - so true

Rochelle said...

Thank you Joyce, I do pray that people understand that donating to families or children on RR is totally legite. We have a beautiful new daughter to prove how the money was spent =)!

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

One of my biggest concerns from the get go,of all this "stuff",was how it would effect Reece's Rainbow.

My family and I have been supporters of RR and families adopting,for literally years.Even before we received official looking receipts of authenticity.We went with our heart and the spirit that guided us to do good.There was a time that we could visit a blog,see an adopting families own paypal account and donate accordingly.I suppose long has gone that time.

One of my greatest desires is to see the trust rebuilt among us,as not to effect organizations such as RR,that are each day,trying to save the lives of these precious,precious children.

Thanks for this post Joyce.Certainly an important one.Most especially for Reece's Rainbow.

Molly said...

gotta love RR! Thanks for this post.

Melissa said...

Thank you for focusing specifically on RR. I too was afraid that support for the families would decrease because of this fiasco, but I hope people will do the research if they have questions.