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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Traditions Interupted

"Mom, the turkey is still frozen"

"Yes, I know Sarah. We are not having it today." "But Mom, it's Thanksgiving." "I know Sarah. But we can't have our big turkey dinner until after the big game." "Ohhhh."

So today we made lasagna. Two of them. Why two? Oh that has to do with a new tradition. My two brothers are driving to Columbus in the morning. It's the biggest weekend of the season. Now TJ won't have to worry about Matt being hungry all the time. He will have the extra lasagna to eat.

So tonight we eat lasagna. Then on Sunday, we will have a big turkey dinner in celebration of the big win. You know, after Ohio State beats Michigan!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Bucks!!!


Adelaide Dupont said...


Football is a big Thanksgiving tradition.

Lasagna - awesome.

Go Ohio State!

(Parade in Cleveland?)

The VW's said...

Go Blue!

We are rooting for Michigan over here. But, something tells me that your family will be celebrating more than ours will be!

But, we still say Go Blue!

Have a great weekend!

Rochelle said...

Born in Michigan I have to go with Blue this year. But, good luck to you guys!

Michelle said...

Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!