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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Saluting Our Veterans

We got to the store early today because we had a special display to finish.

I had to make a sign.

I think this will be good. It is important to say thank you to all the men and women who have served our country. Both yesterday and today.
We have some very special pictures in our display. Do you see them? They are from our blogging friends who have a loved one in the military... the Andrews family. They have three members in the Army.
...and A'Reian's Dad. Guess what? Today is her birthday. Happy Birthday A'Reian.
...and Big Blueberry Eye's dad. They have a very good post with a video up today.
And Kennedy's Dad, Frank. He works in a helicopter. Cool. He just got home for a visit. I love the smile on Kennedy's face when she saw him at the airport.
I'm sure there are more families too. Sorry if we missed you. THANK YOU to all who serve and their families for the sacrifices they make.
To read about what we are doing at the store, go to the store's blog.


Shawndi84 said...

I LOVE your special project Sarah- you did an amazing job!! You guys are so creative! That made me smile to see our picture up in your display- Thanks :)!! And, Thank you so much for the Happy Birthday wishes!

Michelle said...

I have tears in my eyes! What an amazing thing you guys did to create this special display and highlight blogging families! It's special and beautiful and you can see all the hard work you put in to it. Thank you!

Adelaide Dupont said...

Thank you for the Remembrance Day display.

It's incredible: all the red, white and blue.

The display makes it all very real and true.

Molly said...

I took a closer look at those photos and I went "Hey! Isn't that Kayla's dad! and wait, isn't that Kennedy and Frank?"

I love that my worlds are so interconnected.

kate spain said...

What a wonderful thing you did to stop and give thanks to all those families. It's so important to honor the sacrifices these people make each day. I love the way you chose to honor them. xo, kate

Anonymous said...


You are amazing! You are so right about honoring our military families, they sacrifice a lot for us.
Your family is so wonderful with the things you do for others. :)

All my Love,
Areian's Grandma

Rochelle said...

You guys are wonderful! What a great display honoring the military families and to include the blogging buddies wow! Great idea.