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MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Working my First Quilt Show

Today we closed the store and set up a booth at the Mayfield Historical Society Biennial Quilt Show. It was my job to greet the attendees and give them a special gift envelope we made for them.

I had my very own chair right next to our table.

Here I am in front of our booth display. I am not looking at the camera because all day long people were arriving and as soon as they saw me they would say, "There's Sarah. I recognize you from the story in the paper." Everyone was so nice. Especially all the ladies from the Mayfield Village Quilt Guild. They even made sloppy joes to serve us for lunch. I got to eat with Mrs. Boehler and her daughter and her granddaughter Kimberly. Do you know who Mrs. Boehler is? My good friends Lisa and Stacy's grandmother. She is an excellent quilter. It was a very fun day.

Oh my gosh. When we walked out at 4:00 the sun was so bright I had to cover my eyes. My mom wanted to take a picture in front of this cute display.


patsy said...

looks like you had a fun day :)

Cindy said...

It looks like you had a good time at the show. I love your jacket! It's perfect for a quilting show!

patsy said...

oh and the picture of you with your grandma, too cute! wish her a happy birthday!

Karen said...

Congrats on your first quilt show! Looks like it was a lot of fun.

Looking Up said...

Looks like it was a great day. Love the jacket, by the way. :)

Lisa said...

tell my grandma i said hi...i think you see her more than i do ;) Hope you had a fun time!

Adelaide Dupont said...


What a great autumn display!

And I do love the windcheater you are wearing.


I wish you many more successful quilt shows.

Mer said...

very cool! love the jacket, which matches your blog! hope you had fun :)

To Love Endlessly said...

Sarah you look so festive and cute. What a great jacket to wear for the festival. Hope it brings in some great business for the shop.