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MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fabric + Fun + Friendship = Happiness

Do you remember when we were voting on my sign?

We had a few versions that took out the tag line. We felt it was important to leave it in. It helps tell our purpose. I think we forgot something though. It all equals happiness.

I have a great story to share with you. My mom has been helping me write it. Unless you are new to our blog, you will probably remember the pillowcases I made for my friend Kristen. I learned to sew and she loved them. They made her happy. And that made me happy. A few months later, my mom had to tell me that Kristen was really sick, even sicker than she had been when I made the pillowcases. And then she died. That made me very sad. Her family was very sad too.

Just a short while later, Kristen's mom wrote a post about a terrible flood in Utah. Their house was under water. It ruined much of their stuff including all of Mrs. Kirton's fabric and her sewing machine. Lot's of people came to help them. That was nice. One day, another post appeared about how Mrs. Kirton wanted to do a project to make bags for the kids in the hospital in memory of Kristen. That is the day we had an idea.

So on September 11, 2010 my mom taught me how to cut fabric in our store. First we practiced on scraps and then we got to work. I picked a bunch of different fabrics and then measured them into one yard cuts.

After I got them all folded I put them into a pile. Do you see some more behind my shoulder?

That afternoon Sister Webb and Sister Park came into the store. They are on their mission trip in Ohio from the Church of Latter Day Saints. Sister Park is from Utah. I told them all about Kristen and her wonderful family. We told them about her brave brother and how he donated his bone marrow to try to help Kristen get better and we told them about her two sisters moving up their weddings so Kristen could be there. We all agreed they are an amazing family.
A few weeks went by. The fabric was still sitting in the store. One day my brother TJ, asked my mom why she had not sent the fabric yet. She said she didn't know for sure but something was just holding her back. She said she would get to it soon.
Then on Thursday, October 7th, the missionaries came back.
We showed them our new display in the store for Down syndrome awareness month. We showed them all the cards from our readers. Then my mom got to one of the letters. It was from a member of Kristen's family. As my mom was reading the letter she said it was time. Time to send the fabric. That night after the store closed she took the box to the post office.

Mrs. Kirton sent us a message that she received the fabric. It was sitting in her house. My mom was wondering how she was going to sew it into bags. We were starting to think of ways we might get a sewing machine out there.
Then today she posted this...

She has all the halloween bags done and ready to go to the hospital for the children. How did she get them all done? Well...her neighbor Gloria gave her a sewing machine...the same week the fabric arrived. My mom has been smiling about that all night. She also has had a few tears. At dinner we talked about the arrival of the machine and the fabric the same week. Was that By Chance or By Design? I wonder. I know one thing, Kristen's light is shinning bright. And that makes us all so happy.


Kristin said...

Definitely by design! All pieces coming together for her project. Lots of smiles will be coming from the hospital on Friday, thanks in part to you, Sarah!

Adelaide Dupont said...

What a wonderful tale.

I know I say this ALL the time, but in this case it is SO true.

From you and Kirsten making the pillowcases to the Sewcial Lounge to the bags. Not to mention the sisters in Utah.


Kristen's mom said...

Sarah, You and your mom are amazing. I definatley say it was by design. The past couple of weeks have been especially hard for me. I was missing Kristen so much that I was sad all of the time. I could hardly do anyting. It was s good day if I started a batch of laundry. Last week when your package arrived it put a smile on my face. I noticed that half of the material was covered in Halloween print. I knew I had to get these bags finished within the week so they could be delivered to the children in time for Halloween. Then all of a sudden a neighbor called to see if I had replaced my sewing machine yet. I hadn't and she told me about Gloria wanting to give a sewing machine to someone who could use it. I felt kind of like a beggar going to her house to pick it up. Once I got there I learned something else, Gloria just lost a daughter to cancer just a few weeks after Kristen passed away. Her daughter was 57. I saw Gloria and how well she was doing, she was continuing to do the things she loved to do. Her husband who is 84 was having open heart surgery the next morning. Gloria was cheerful, like she always is, she was kind and very sweet. I was so thankful for the sewing machine and thought if Gloria could go on so could I. I went right home and started to sew my bags. All of a sudden I felt better. I soon learned that there is a difference between feeling sorry for yourself and mourning. I learned that the past few weeks I was feeling sorry for myself. Kristen would not have been too happy with me then. But now, I think she is smiling and her light is shining. Thank you.

Bulldogma said...

I have tingles... and shivers. What an amazing mini-miracle! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful news!

Catalina said...

This is an awesome story, and I love the bags. May I share your story for my friends on my blog (linking to yours)?

The VW's said...

I Love this! Definitely by the hands of God! You and your Mom always bring a smile to my face, Sarah! Big Hugs!!!

Rochelle said...

Sarah you know me I don't think anything happens by chance.
What a blessing you are to others and Polly making those into goody bags for the hospital~truly amazing.
You all are definitely changing lives!

Shelly said...

Beautiful...and tears, happy tears...we all make a difference at the right time, in the right place. You are a beautiful family, with a beautiful purpose. It's not by chance or coincidence. An extraordinary miracle. xo xo to you all.

hollyctr said...

I think by design! I think our Heavenly Father takes special effort to let us know he loves us in little ways like this. I love it!

Cindy said...

Amazing story! I believe the Lord works in mysterious ways!

SunflowerStories said...

What a fabulous story!!!!

Alex's Mom said...

This is such a nice story...there is no such thing as coincidence in our world is there?

Shelly Turpin said...

So cool! I love it!