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Monday, September 27, 2010

Oral Surgeon says No Way

Today is Monday. That means our fabric store is closed. But we still went there because late last night Saint Anthony told my mom that the camera was in the basement. I'm not sure who this Anthony is, but he was correct. (thanks Jennifer) And good thing...

because I was cracking up when we were leaving the store. Do you see that? It is a limo pulling in to get gas at Get Go. Anyway, my mom drove me to CEVEC and went in with me. She told my teacher that she knows what has been going on. My teeth have been killing me. Remember my post a few days ago? I told my mom that when I walk into the freezer at Myers to get my supplies it makes my teeth hurt even more. My teacher did not know I had to go into the cooler once I got to the job site. So we decided I would not go there for a few weeks until my wisdom teeth are removed. Then we drove to the oral surgeons office.

Wow...nice building. I have my x-rays in hand just like my dentist told me to.

After my mom filled out all the paperwork, they called me back into an examine room. It's not like the other dentist I go to. There was a lot more equipment in there.

All of a sudden some music came on that I used to dance to in ballet class. I thought that was pretty cool. It made me smile. And then the doctor came in. He asked me which tooth hurt. So I pointed to it. Then he put my x-ray on the light board. "Sure enough Sarah," he said. "It looks like this tooth is pushing the nerve of the other tooth." Then he looked at my mom and they started talking about all my health issues. He said he could not take my teeth out. "No way can I do this out patient," he said.
I must go to the hospital. For a few days. "WHAT!!!!" I need to be where they know me, have an anesthesiologist to put me to sleep, nurses to handle the IVs, and the crash cart just in case. He said he is very worried about my airway. Normally they would intubate a patient in this situation. But because of the scar tissue from the trach, and my history of subglotic stenosis, it is not such a good idea for me. Plus he is worried about how I will take the pain medicine afterwards.
And there is one more problem. The oral surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic just retired. The new doctor is not coming until October. Great. Just great. So we left. Then we road the elevator all the way to the top and back down again. It was fun. Sorta like being at the amusement park.


Looking Up said...

Ever get the feeling that NOTHING is simple???? Hoping that things get resolved soon!

Adelaide Dupont said...

Very very relieved that we know the trouble.

A pressing nerve!

(yes, the cooler and all that).

Best wishes for the hospital and for your teeth.

(Sometimes ... wisdom teeth are a NUISANCE!)

Tammy said...

Hoping this works itself out. Some days it's like hitting your head against a brick wall. sigh.

LOVED all the pictures!

Tammy and Parker

amyl4 said...

I'm happy to know that it wasn't a person making Sarah feel bad, just those pesky teeth! Praying she doesn't have too much pain before she gets them taken out. My boys all love to ride the elevator too. Caleb keeps wanting to go back to the airport just to ride the elevator. I didn't think it was anything special but he seems to think it was pretty cool!:)

JRS said...

Drat about the tooth. Aside from that news I am laughing about Anthony and loving that the prayer worked. It usually does. Sometimes I wonder if it is a way to trick your mind to remember something or maybe it is truly something more. (smile)

Mel said...

I bet your mum is relieved she knows what is going on with you now Sarah! And I really hope you get it sorted soon. Sore teeth are terrible.

hollyctr said...

Big time bummer! I hope everything works out. My wisdom teeth ended up being a big ordeal too. Funny to have so much craziness because of a few teeth!

Heidi-Ashlie's Mom said...

Wisdom Teeth are No Fun! I hope you can get it all worked out at the beginning of October as Im sure the faster its out the faster you will feel better.

Mama Mason-Mann said...

Yes, teeth can be such a pain (haa haa). They really can be a pain, can't they?!!!! I hope you get it taken care of soon because it sounds like you are awfully uncomfortable. Hang in there. Thinking of you!!!!

Rochelle said...

Hoping you get in and get those wisdom teeth out soon and can get back to yourself. Teeth pain is no fun!