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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Too Close for Comfort

Very, very early this morning my mom came into my room. She went over to my laptop and unplugged it. "Mom, what are you doing?" Before she could answer my room went bright from lightening with really loud thunder at the same time. She said, "Oh that sounded a little too close. Sarah why don't you go in with Daddy while I check downstairs." She unplugged all the computers and the television and then said everything looked ok. So I went back to bed.

This morning as we turned the corner out of our street, this is what we saw.

This big huge tree was split down the middle and it fell on two houses.

After my mom went to the store for awhile...oh listen to this...did you see my post on Friday about the wedding gown a newly engaged bride came all the way from the Findlay area because she reads my blog. It turns out she just graduated from Bowling Green where my mom went too. Isn't that cool. My mom had her camera with her but she left the memory card in the computer or she would have taken her picture.
Well back to my tree story. Check this out. Under the tree were two vans and a car. They have some dents and broken glass, but not to bad. Nobody was hurt. That's good. We just saw on the news that the north western part of Ohio had tornados touch down with lots of damage. The really sad thing is several people died including a little boy. That makes me sad.


Ellen said...

Last month the same thing happened in our neighborhood, except the tree just fell on one house and it did a fair amount of damage. Really scary. We have some VERY tall trees in our neighborhood. There was actually a tornado watch today but it didn't even rain. Which was annoying, cause I had to water the lawn. Stay safe!!!

Kristin said...

Wow - that is too close for comfort. Glad you are all safe.

Adelaide Dupont said...

Magnificent to hear about the newly engaged Bowling Green graduate.

Oh! The trees!

The storm!

(We have had to chop down some of our own for clearing purposes).

Looking Up said...

Glad that you all are OK!

Karen said...

Good heavens! I'm glad everyone is alright in your neighborhood.

Rochelle said...

Wow that was too close. Glad everyone was safe at your house.

my family said...

what terrible weather, glad you all are ok

Heather said...

Oh how scary but so glad nobody was hurt.

Love the story about the bride that graduated from Bowling Green and Sarah,to answer your question you left on our blog:Yes,we were in a Limo?And ... Zoey just LOVED it!!

stephanie said...

WOW!That was a major storm! And yes I agree... way too close! I'm happy no one was hurt, but I'm sorry for the tornado victims. That's terrible.

And how cool is that about the wedding gown! i love it when things like that happen!

And, one, more thing Miss Sarah! That header picture took my breath away!!!!! JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

To Love Endlessly said...

whew, nasty weather up north. So sorry to hear that people lost their lives in other parts of OH. I'm glad ya'll were kept safe though.