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Friday, January 1, 2010

Rose Bowl Bash 2010

The big day has finally arrived. I have been waiting all week.

I thought this was really funny. It was in the Cleveland Plain Dealer today. The Bucks are playing the Ducks:)

We had to have roses for the Rose Bowl Bash. They smell sweet.

We got the cookies done...

...and the mini brownies and the Hobble Cobble.

We even found our favorite chocolate chip cookie decorated just for the big game today.

I love munching on party food.

Here comes the Papa John's pizza. Yum. That's Jordan and Dave on either side of my dad. They are TJ's roommates in Columbus.

This is Christy and Abel. He came all the way from Nicaragua to celebrate with us.

Mr. and Mrs. Lafferty and Mrs. Kaplan came too.

Oh here is TJ and Julie. TJ is wearing his lucky white jersey. He says the Bucks always win when he wears it. I hope he's right.

This is Coach Tressel:) Haaaaaa, no that's Pete and Katie. They are so cute. They both go to Ohio State. Pete is Julie's brother.

Even my brother Matt woke up in time to join the party.

The game begins.

I sure hope we win this or the party is not going to be so fun.

So far so good. Ohio State 16, Oregon 10 at halftime. Look...that's the Ohio State marching band on the field.

I think this calls for an "OH - IO". I love doing that.

Oh yea...OSU scored. We're doing the touchdown dance!!!

It's over. WE WON. Ohio State 26 - Oregon 17. Coach Tressel is getting interviewed by a woman. My mom really liked that.

Now we can really party. It's a victory celebration.

Time for some more food and a game of pool.

I think everyone is having fun, especially because they are happy the Buckeyes won.

Hmmm, Abel just gave me a kiss on the cheek. I am not so crazy about men kissing me. But Julie explained that it is a custom in Nicaragua when you say goodbye to give a kiss on the cheek. Ohhhhh, now I understand. Goodbye Abel, safe travels.

Here's a clue we were not in California for the game. Everybody has to put their boots on because it is a blizzard outside.

Thank you everyone for coming to help us celebrate and thanks mom and dad for having the party. It was fun:)


Rochelle said...

Congratulations to your Buckeyes! What a fun party, a great way to celebrate the new year.

stephanie said...

WOW!!! you guys are some serious Buckeye fans! Sooo glad they won for you!
Looks like it was a heck of a party.

Adelaide Dupont said...

In France, also, there are kisses on both cheeks!

Glad you all had such an awesome Rose Bowl, and go the Buckeyes!

Especially the Papa John's pizza and the cookie, and the way you all played pool/billards.

Mary said...

Wow! That's an awesome party!

Kristen said...

Wow, you ones really know how to throw a Buckeye party!! I'm glad they won too. I know what a drag it is on a party when they lose.

To Love Endlessly said...


JennyH said...

Sounds like you have one very fun family! Glad you have a good time.