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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sibling Sunday ~ Red Roses, Red Roses

Unless this is the very first time you have visited my blog, you already know that we are a Buckeye crazed family.

And yesterday, Ohio State beat Iowa in overtime to win the Big Ten conference which means the Buckeyes are headed to the Rose Bowl. Look at all these crazy fans on the field after the game. Guess who was there with them?

My brothers and my dad. Here is Matt all excited. TJ was somewhere down there too but he was on the student end.

Now what do you think Matt is doing here?

He is digging for these black things out of the turf to bring home as souvenirs. Boys!! Whatever:) If you want to see my brothers the last time OSU played in the Rose Bowl click HERE.
All afternoon my dad has been playing these crazy videos on his phone. Over and over and over. I think he had a good time too. If you watch closely you will see Matt in both of them.


Scarehaircare said...

What on earth are those little black things?

JRS said...

As a life-long die-hard Hawkeye fan, this was one freaking crazy game to watch. Because of our injuries and novice players, I'm still proud of the game we played.

Mary said...

Cool! Eric was there (his first game), but not on the field!

stephanie said...

Congrats on the win!!!

Kele said...

WHOO HOO Sarah! So glad your team won!!

Kim Rees said...

Yeah Go Bucks! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Go Bucks! It was a great game and we can't wait for the Border Battle this weekend!!