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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Want to see my Target Cards?

If you watched my Birthday montage you know I got a lot of Target cards. That's because I love them.

Actually, I collect them. I keep them in this case. My grandma got it for me because that looks like my favorite horse Ridge on the front.

Here are all the cards in my collection so far.

Some of them I have twins. I like to match them up.

I even have two sets of triplets. That's three of the same.

Once a card is all used up we write "empty" on the back.

I save the new ones on the cards. That's how I keep them separate. These are all ready for spending. I know for sure I have to buy a new outfit to wear to yoga class that is starting in a few weeks. My old pants are way too big. I also watch for new movies when they come out. That is usually on a Tuesday, so off we go. I am lucky. There are two Targets close to where I live.
A Note from Mom: We have had a few questions emailed to us about money. We included identifying and counting money in all of Sarah's IEPs from first grade through tenth grade. It is one of those concepts that she just did not grasp, no matter how we approached it. As we were sitting for the writing of the IEP for her junior year, out of the blue I said, " You know, in today's world she really doesn't have to learn to count money." I think every professional in the room let out a huge gasp, as though I was growing three heads, or maybe they were relieved. I further went onto describe that she had taken a liking to Target cards and I was starting to teach her that they were just like money and she had to keep them in a safe place. So that's how we proceeded for that year.
Our friends and family know that she needs them in smaller increments, never over $25.00, so when we shop she has an understanding of what she can get for one card. I did not think of this at the time, but now that she is on SSI and it is critical that her bank account never get over $1,499 for fear of losing her benefits, Target cards are the best gift for her.


ABandCsMom said...

I think this is great! I would love to see her shopping around Target. Has anyone ever approached either of you in recognition due to the blog?

I would just love to meet Sarah one day. I hope and pray that Carly will grown to be much like Sarah. She is just a wonderful gal.

Junior said...

very cool collection of Target cards Sarah. Have fun shopping.

Tsquared417 said...

What a great idea!! I'm tucking it away for Olivia when she gets older...I can somehow foresee the money thing as not clicking for her...not that I won't push her...but it's just a feeling! ;)

Tsquared417 said...

OH! And I forgot to say you look AWESOME in your OSU gear. First game on Saturday---woo hoo!!

Lund7 said...

Cool collection of Target cards! I should save mine when they are empty for you!

jjpsmommy07 said...

love your collection of cards Sarah! Enjoy shopping

Kim Rees said...

Love it! I really like how you advocated for her about the Target cards even though the pros had a heart attack. It just goes to prove that sometimes Mom knows best. I also love that Sarah collects them. I never thought about doing that but it's obvious she loves them! By the way the pic on your header is fantastic! Go Bucks!

Emily said...

I would LOVE to have that many Target cards! Target is my favorite! We had Target quite often for Tuesday movie releases! Enjoy spending!

Beverly said...

Noah loves Target, he asks to go all the time. He wants pop corn and soda and to look at toys. Target cards are a great idea!

sheree said...

sarah- you are making me want to start collecting Target cards. They look so fun!

Joyce- I swear, you are a genius!

datri said...

Joyce, I think it's wonderful that you've adapted Sarah's IEP goals to real life and what SHE needs to be able to do. You're right -- if she can't figure out how to identify and count money, that can be accommodated. I don't feel that putting "tying shoes" or "buttoning buttons" is necessary for Kayla's IEP, because they make so many shoes with Velcro now and buttonless shirts and pants!

Perplexing Situation said...

that is a great idea! I bet you got a look that you had 3 heads, I could only imagine!

I was thinking too that would be a great matching program to introduce kids to the idea.