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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Proctor and Gamble...What were you Thinking?

Ohhh...How about my Buckeyes last night. I thought for sure they were going to win. I think they fell asleep the last few minutes. Final score USC 18 - OSU 15.

Well, my mom and I love to do laundry in Columbus. We have front loaders with drawers underneath. It is the perfect thing for my short height because I do not have to reach up to get the detergent.

Everything fits really nice into the drawer. We were running low on soap so we headed over to the local Kroger, remember, the one with the cute guy with Ds that I flirt with. Too bad he wasn't there today.

We come home and put things away and guess what??? The drawer won't close. Grrrrrr...... Why you ask? Because they redesigned the container to be about one inch taller. Now why would they do that? A bunch of people are buying these washers with the drawers. They tell us the drawers are standard size.

Fortunately we had not thrown the old empty ones into the dumpster yet. So my mom wrote a message on the two we had to not throw them away. We will just have to pour the new soap into the old containers. Anybody work at P & G?


Beverly said...

great idea to use the old container. I was sorry to hear OSU lost.

Kristen said...

Frustrating weekend all the way around...from the football game to laundry. Yeah, what were they thinking when they changed the size of the detergent bottle? Your mom had a great idea to keep the old ones!

Oh and I noticed you have the red and gray front loaders. Mike and I always eye those when we're in a home department store. Mike calls them the "Go Buckeyes" washer and dryer. Maybe someday we'll have those too. :-)

Karen said...

Well that's all kinds of frustrating.

Anderson Family said...

That's not very smart. Good thing you had extra old containers to save and reuse!

Perplexing Situation said...

well, that's just silly. it seems like it would cost a lot of money to change the bottle size just a tiny bit like that. hmmph...good thinking on your part though!