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Monday, September 14, 2009

Just call me Detective House Inspector

A Message from mom: Sarah asked me to post this so she can show her friends at CEVEC.

All morning long Sarah and I kept hearing this noise downstairs. It sounded exactly like the time we caught a mouse on the kitchen counter playing with a piece of aluminum foil. So we kept tip toeing down the steps to catch it. No mouse. Then we started singing, "Come out, come out wherever you are." No mouse. We got ready for work and Sarah went outside to wait for the bus.

All of a sudden I hear Sarah screaming, "Mom, get the camera." (sign of a true blogger) I came running as she impatiently says, "Come look. Hurry!!"

She goes to the front door. At first I didn't see what she wanted to show me.

"Mom, don't you see the hole in the glass?" oh, Oh, OH!!! Good grief. The entire front door was shattered. That was the noise. It was mildly creaking as it was falling out. I handed Sarah the camera and went into the garage to get the shovel.

This is really weird. I expected to find a rock or something inside that had been thrown at it. But there was nothing.

I had to go put my camping boots on there were so many tiny pieces of glass.

I told Sarah, "Good thing you spotted this Sarah. If I had opened the front door from the inside this glass would have fallen into the house. You are like a detective house inspector." She loved that. "Ya, ya put it on the blog right now so my friends can see."

"I'd love to stay and help mom, but my bus is here."

"Bye Sarah. Have a great day." I said.

It really is amazing to me how they have perfected the manufacturing of glass to crumble like this. None of the edges were really sharp and actually a pretty easy cleanup. I am so glad Sarah found it though so it did not fall into the house. That would have made me paranoid for walking barefoot for weeks. THANK YOU SARAH!!!


ABandCsMom said...

I wonder if a bird flew into the glass? Weird. Luckily Detective Sarah discovered it before your mess was inside the house! Way to go Sarah!

datri said...

Wow, I wonder what caused that. Our living room glass shattered like that. It was one of those double insulated windows and somehow moisture got on the inside and one cold morning it just exploded. Great job finding that Sarah!

Angela said...

Wow! Good eye, Sarah!

We have had two of our transom windows shatter since we've lived here. They happened about a year apart in different parts of our house. They just BOOM shattered in the middle of the day. Evidently when there is a sudden change in the temperature, the thin glass can't handle it.

Lacey said...

Oh my gosh, how crazy. I wonder why the glass broke in the first place.

Anonymous said...

That is weird, eh? I was thinking about a temperature flux too...But I am relieved that all is well.

Amy said...

Maybe you have a ghost!

sara p said...

great work sarah!!!

Beverly said...

good job Sarah! Wonder what made it crack?

Kim said...

Great job finding it Sarah! I'm glad nobody got hurt.

Perplexing Situation said...

How weird is that? I have to say I'd much rather find a broken door than a mouse scurrying across my kitchen counter. ugh! Great detective work Sarah!

JennyH said...

Oh my! That is a lot glass!

Glad Sarah found it like that and it didn't get IN the house.