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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Get rid of my Stuff...No Way

Do you remember how we had to live in a hotel last January because our house had some major water damage to repair?

Well believe it or not, we are finally finishing my room. We put most of my stuff in storage and we just got it out. My dad was sorta hoping we could get rid of some of it.

Like my magazines? No way.

Like my books? No way.

My horse? No way.

My Minnie Mouse hat from Disney? No way.

My musical birthday cards? No way.

My award for being the top walker for the American Heart Association in 2002? No way. What's a girl to do?


Beverly said...

you have me laughing Sarah. I am going through the very same things right now, trying to de clutter my house room by room and it is hard!

Leah said...

Hey Sarah, if there are some things that were your absolute favorites at one time, but you don't really use them anymore, what if you took a picture of the item, then put it into an album? Like one of your favorite books that you're too old for now? Or your favorite movies from when you were younger? You could even take the covers from your favorite magazines and use them for whole pages, or cut out your favorite articles and put them all into one album! It is HARD to get rid of stuff that's important to us, but that we just can't use anymore. I'm the same way with clothes! LOL

stephanie said...

Boy you would fit in perfectly at my house. My girls won't get rid of anything! As hard as I try!
Good luck sorting it all out.

Kristen said...

A girl parting with her stuff is not easy to do. When I have things I need to part with but always want to remember it, I take pictures of it (just like you did) and then make a scrapbook of my memorabilia items. A single scrapbook takes up a lot less room than if I kept all the items.

Your minnie mouse hat from Disney is awesome! We are hoping to go there in two summers with Cayman. I will have to get her one of those!

Anonymous said...

I remember very well my piles and posters from teen mags that I spent ALL of my babysitting money upon! I even made scrapbooks of my teen heartthrob -- Shawn Cassidy! (Don't ask, Sarah, you're too young!;))

Anyway, someday you'll declutter -- I'm sure. It's a natural progression, I think.

Good luck though! And I LOVE your Minnie ears!♥

Emily said...

Keep it all!!

Mel said...

You sound like my mum! She is a hoarder from way back- she collects bags of plastic bags- nice ones, like from the Disney store or really sturdy ones. Ben keeps everything too. You should see his room! Could you take photos of some of it, and then get rid of it if you had the photo to keep instead?

Good luck!

Monica said...

I totally understand, and you have some great stuff.......Wish I had some wisdom for you but, I have the same problem!!

Perplexing Situation said...

That's a whole lotta stuff to hang onto. Sounds like you might need to keep the storage unit. haha