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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tents and Flames

Ten Years Ago Today...

...I was at Girl Scout Day camp. Each year there was a different theme and this year it was wildflowers.

I was in the Primrose Unit. My whole troop was here but we were all divided into different units so we would meet new friends. Hey, that's a song...Make new friends, but keep the old...My mom was the song leader that year.

The caper chart said I had to help set up the hand wash station. So here I am with my new friend Sam, filling the water jug. We were getting ready for something special...a sleepover in a tent.

Here is my little brother Matt. He was in the toddler unit all week and so he got to stay a little later. My dad was on his way to come get him, but he got pretty mad at me. You want to know why?

Because he wanted to come in the tent with his little friend Laura, but we said, "NO BOYS ALLOWED." So he just sat out in the grass making all kinds of noise. Finally he went home because it got really dark and it was time for lights out.

How do you like our tent? We had to put it up all by ourselves. Do you see those luminaries? They are around a big, huge, deep puddle of water. My mom did not want anyone to fall in if they had to get up to go to the latrine in the middle of the night. So we kept them burning all night. We had so much fun.

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ABandCsMom said...

That sure does look like fun. Man, you were one busy girl weren't you?!