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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Greens of Lyndhurst ~ Assisted Living

So back to my Girl Scout memories. Once we became Junior Scouts we decided to volunteer once a month at The Greens of Lyndhurst which is an assisted living facility for older persons. Each month we had a theme and we did crafts, sang songs, ate yummy snacks and visited with the residents. I LOVED it.

September ~ TIME TO CATCH THE BUS FOR SCHOOL...After everyone introduced themselves, I read the book "Bus Time" and we played Bingo.

October ~ won't see me. I was hiding behind the counter the entire time because I HATE costumes.
November ~ TURKEY TIME...How do you like my Indian headband?
December ~ CHRISTMAS MAGIC...I got to lead the Christmas carols. The residents had gifts for all of us. I got a Beanie Baby.
January ~ FROSTY THE SNOWMAN...We acted out the book like it was a play and we ate cute little Frosty Snowman marshmallow fluff balls. Mr. Davis was Frosty.
February ~ We were going to have a Valentine's party but we could not go because they had to shut down the facility to outside visitors because of a flu epidemic.
March ~ Wild and Woolly...Do you see me with my binoculars? I was hunting for lions. We played a memory game.

April ~ APRIL SHOWERS... I was the line leader for our umbrella parade. Mr. Davis had a duck call whistle and so he took us outside so we could call for ducks.

May ~ April Showers BRING MAY FLOWERS... We played tic-tac-toe with big flowers. I am sitting next to Mr. Davis again. I really like him. We painted flower pots.

June ~ LADY BUG, LADY BUG... We played tic-tac-toe again. This time we used lady bugs and leaves. First we had to make them. We also made but little lady bug brownies.

That brought our year to a close. We will be back soon though. We had so much fun and made so many new friends that we decided to come back in the fall. Want to hear an interesting tidbit? It turns out that Mr. Davis is the grandfather of the woman who cuts my hair. No wonder I liked him so much.


AZ Chapman said...

what a nice serivice project these e post make ,me wish that I did girl soucts

Ann of the Incredible Gift said...

What wonderful memories you are sharing, thank you!

My mother was in assisted living, in Florida, and appreciated the volunteers and activities. I'm glad your scout troop volunteered, thank you all for that.

My daughter Margret didn't like Halloween costumes either, so you are not alone in that.

Melissa said...

What great memories;)