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Monday, February 16, 2009

TJ Sends a Message to All the Too Cool Fools

We felt like life was somehow getting back to normal. My mom picked me up from school. One of the teachers came over to the car and said she really appreciated TJ's message. She hoped her daughter pays attention.

Then we went to the bank. The lady at the drive thru says, "That was some accident TJ was in. I sure hope Jeff listens to TJ's message. He never wears his seatbelt.

Later after we get home, the phone rings. It is a friend of my mom. "My daughter showed me TJ's post today on Facebook. You must be so proud of him. What a great example he is."

Now my mom calls TJ. I talk to him for awhile. He is happy we are coming down to see him tomorrow. My mom asks him what these people are talking about. He said he would send the link to what he posted on Facebook today. Here it is:

T0 All of you: "too cool" FOOLS who are "too cool" for Seatbelts

For all of you stupid fools who think you're bigger than a seatbelt, bigger than a semi nailing you at 60 mph, and bigger than the life you possess.... Well this could have been you...and you could be DEAD. Next time you get into a car, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you think you're really too cool for your family, too cool for your friends, and too cool for the people you care about. If you think you're not. On Sunday February 10th, 2008 at 7:24p.m. I was inches away from being dead, inches away from never seeing my family again, inches away from never seeing my friends again, inches away from never seeing YOU again. Instead, because I wear my seatbelt, I am still breathing, still walking, still living my life. Next time you get into you're car, throw away your ego no one cares about and buckle up.
Location: I-71
My mom was crying when she read it. I think she is very proud of TJ.
AN AFTERTHOUGHT FROM MOM: I admit I did not always wear my seatbelt. If I was rushing or just running around town or if I was wearing a linen jacket - wrinkles terribly. After TJ's accident, we all started buckling up, I think more from fear than anything else. And then I started paying more attention to accident reports. The first was a tragic one on the far west side of Franklin county near Columbus. Three 15-16 year old girls, two of them sisters thrown from the car, not wearing seatbelts. All died. Next was closer to Cleveland in Geauga county - a 46 year old father of three - thrown from the car, no seatbelt, died instantly. Next came a woman on I-76 outside of Akron, thrown from her car due to no seatbelt, her body was hit by another vehicle traveling in opposite direction, died at the scene. It is real. Seatbelts do save lives. I hope by posting this story here, we might just convince one more to buckle up.


Cheri said... what is up with teens and young adults thinking it is not cool to wear your seatbelt? It baffles me! I love that TJ sent a message to everyone on his Face Book...what a truly impactfull message, I hoped it jarred people enough to make a change...I am sure somewhere down the line he has helped to save a life or two. glad you were wearing yours!!!

Carol N. said...

Sarah, give your brother a great big pat on the back. Well done!

Nan P. said...

A very good friend of mine lost her 14 year old daughter in a carcrash 2 years ago. Three teens in the front: the driver, aged 17, belt on; another girl, aged 15, belt on; and Catherine, in the middle, no belt. She went through the windscreen. She died at the scene. The other two are still alive.

I will never forget Catherine's funeral. I never saw and heard so many young people crying. No one should ever go through this just because of a seat belt.

I never turn on the engine without belting up first. It's just routine. Don't need to think about it. And that is the way it should be.

Mel said...

Great message, very well said. When I forst met my husband, he often forgot to put his seatbelt on. I told him that if he had an accident without his seatbelt on, and it didn't kill him I would! He always wears it now- just automatically.

JennyH said...

What a big thing to do! I am proud of him.

Becca said...

What an amazing young man! That's a wonderful message for him to post. I hope he changes people's lives with that.