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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Time for the Fashion Show


OMG ~ I cannot even get it over my hips

Too fufu

Scratchy -
(Sarah's exact words, "Get this damn thing off me, NOW." Spoken with perfect speech, I note.)

Not Bad

To tight under my arms


Way to scratchy

Are you kidding me? HATE IT

Like it

My mom loves it. I think it is OK.
Winners = 5
Losers = 6


Melissa said...

I really enjoyed the fashion show. My favorite is the black and white one that says "Love It" underneath. I did have to laugh at the one that made you cuss. Sarah, the look on your face in that picture is priceless.

Cathy said...

I agree with your choices...except I kind of like the blue one on you too. You have to wear them though Sarah. Thanks for sharing your fashion show!!

Chrystal said...

Sara, you look great in black and white!

(Too bad that one was too tight under your arms. But I'm all for comfort too, so I understand.)

sheree said...

very cute! I loved a lot of them but my VERY favorite was on the loser list :( haha...I love that scratchy brown dress toward the end!

Karen said...

I loved the fashion show- thanks for sharing. Actually my favorite was the "too fufu" but they're all lovely.

Stephanie said...

I liked the first one and I loved the red dress

Anonymous said...

Sarah--these are my pick (even though you didn't ask for my opinion)

Brown one--1st one--loved it

2nd one I thought was way too short then I read that you didn't have it on all of the way (silly me)

Grey one, love it

Black/white you look beautiful and slender

red flower--cute

your moms red one--what can I say, I love the color red!

Those are my few cents--I agree that you need to feel comfortable!!

Ellen said...

Hi, Sarah. I am glad to find your blog! Thanks for coming to visit mine, and my little Max!

I have to say, I think you looked pretty great in all of these! I did love the black-and-white one a lot, too.


Zoey Grace's Sister said...

Hi Sarah I'm Zoey's big sister. I look at your blog almost every day and it always brings a smile to my face.
I loved the fashion show. I think you looked beautiful in all of them :)

Love, Taylor

Michelle said...

Ooh, I love the black & white one, too! Actually, I like all the 'keepers' - I think 5 new dresses is a success! Thanks for sharing the fashion show with us!

Lacia said...

Very cool. I really like the first one...the colours really suit your skin tone.

Karly said...

"Get this damn thing off me, NOW." Best response ever! Glad you found some "keepers."

Anonymous said...

I love your face as you are trying them on. I love the black and white one the best!!! You are a very pretty girl!!

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

What a show! Those are some pretty dresses. I hate wearing scratchy things too.

Lacey said...

Some of those were way cute. I love the facial expressions, they were better than the dresses.

Holly said...

Hi Sarah, I love, loVE, LOVE your blog!

I don't know how I first found it but I'm sure glad I did.

datri said...

What a wonderful fashion show! At least you found some dresses you liked. And some you didn't, obviously, LOL.

JennyH said...

You looked great in all of them- well, maybe not #2 since it wouldn't go on!
Love the show.

The Bliss Family said...

Fashion shows are so fun. Thanks for sharing! I love the black and white dress too. But you look nice in all of them. I don't like scratchy dresses either.


Jeanette said...

LOVED the fashion show!!! Good choices!

Margie said...

Hi Sarah I loved the fashion show. You have such good taste in dresses. You are such a beautiful young lady and a wonderful writer! You should think of writing a book.

Beth said...

So many of them are lovely! And for me, comfort is of utmost importance, so I'm right there with you on the scratchy ones--get it off and toss it aside!
Thanks for sharing the fashion show!

WheresMyAngels said...

Oh Alsome. Mercede would NOT be happy to try on that many dresses that were scratchy. Cheyenne doesn't care, she just likes pretty dresses.

Michelle said...

Your mom found some really great dresses! #1 and 3 looked similar to me I was surprised you thought 3 looked to look great in it! and I loved the blue dress on you even though you hated it :)

Monica said...

How fun,thanks for sharing!!! I think you looked beautiful in them all!! (well #2 is kinda hard to tell :) )