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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sibling Friends ~ Julie

As I was reviewing the photos from TJ's 21st birthday party, it hit me that many in attendance have really been involved in Sarah's life, especially throughout high school. As a matter-of-fact, I sat and pondered this for quite a long time. Is it By Chance or By Design, that this group of friends have remained in TJ's life? Was he drawn to them because they are the kind of friends that would embrace Sarah? I'm not sure. I would like to give a shout out to some really awesome young people.

The first is Julie. TJ and Julie started dating shortly before her Prom in 2005.

From that first Prom, Julie was so kind and never hesitated to include Sarah in photo opportunities.

The next year at TJ's prom, there they are again. I'm thinking Sarah color coordinated her outfit to match theirs.

Here they are at a CAVS game in 2007. Can you tell it was hat night?

It's 2008 and time for Sarah's prom. Even though TJ was still at college taking exams, Julie came over to see Sarah and then called TJ to describe how Sarah looked so he wouldn't totally miss out on the evening. How sweet was that.

The young ladies are growing up. Julie, now a senior in college still makes time to attend family events. Sarah is always so happy to see her. Julie, you truly are amazing. We are fortunate to have you in our life.


Lacia said...

How awesome. I truly hope Kaia is as fortunate to have many wonderful people in her life who embrace her exactly for who she is.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cry this morning! I always think that some girl is going to have to be awfully special for my boys to welcome them into our fold...I know they will choose someone as wonderful as TJ did. You are very lucky!!

hjoy said...

That is wonderful, Sarah has so many great family and friends.

JaybirdNWA said...

What a good friend! Every child needs someone in their life that thinks there worth the effort of a frienship. That is a wonderful post; thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

How wonderful - Julie seems like a very special person!

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

She is absolutely wonderful! How awesome it is that Sarah is surrounded by such support and love!!

Becca said...

Such a wonderful friend! I love that your son has found someone who has so beautifully, seamlessly joined and embraced your family.

Michelle said...

it does sound like they are a great group of friends!

Nicole said...

Julie seems like a great person...sara looks so happy....glad to hear she is better and her laptop is back!