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Monday, January 5, 2009

DELL Rhymes with...


This is our oh so excited Sarah, on July 16th, 2008. The day her spring green DELL laptop arrived.

It was her Class of 2008 Graduation present. Her very own laptop. She patiently waited for it to arrive and when it did she knew just what to do as she is quite computer savvy.

Just look at her. She was so proud. We had a webcam built into it as the first measure toward electronically enhancing our house. We have been working on this plan which will allow Sarah to stay home by herself for longer periods of time. (I'll post more about that plan at a later time)
Well, let me just say the thing has been CRAP since the day it arrived. A $1,315.67 piece of CRAP. I felt in my heart it was a lemon. First the touch mouse never did work right, so they convinced us to get a cordless mouse. Then it would not boot up correctly and then she kept getting an overheating error message. Now the keyboard has just stopped working.
Ugghhh... So now we sit, waiting for a box to arrive to send it back. Why!!??? We paid for one year of third party on-site service. Doesn't on-site mean at my house? So why are we waiting for a box????
Sarah is so sad. She does not understand. It is breaking my heart to see her in tears. I told her it has to go to the laptop hospital. That's a concept she does understand. She is not as weepy now, but they better get this thing fixed once and for all, cause this mama is not happy and when the mama's not happy...
Deep breaths... The bottom line is, Sarah is without a computer so we will be posting less frequently for awhile. Stay tuned...


Cathy said...

Man that really stinks!!! Hang in there Sarah. I will miss your posts for little while, but you'll be back in business soon. Get well soon little Dell.

JRS said...

Sarah & Mom,
I got a pretty pink Dell for Mother's Day last May and I too have had some problems. (2 replacement cords, 1 new battery, plus the screen was floppy with broken hinges) You do have the right to have someone come to the house according to your plan/warranty. The first time I tried to get mine fixed, the tech on the phone ordered me to use a butter knife and pry up the piece above the keyboard. When I did what I was told (and was not happy - don't ever do that) it broke 2 screws and disconnected the LED lights to the keyboard. Finally, after MUCH discussion, they agreed that my plan did indeed provide for a tech to come to my house. This new tech was great, and said if I ever had the same problem getting them to send someone out, demand to speak to a supervisor. You might want to think about making one more phone call before waiting for a box to send it in. They simply don't want to pay to send a tech out, but tough cookies.

Jaxsons Fight said...

I'm so sorry about your computer. I love the color though. Hopefully its back soon for her. Hugs from Lacey and Jax.

hjoy said...

Oh Sarah that is awful, sure hope they get your computer fixed very quickly.

RK said...

That's no fun at all... sorry you've had to have a bad deal! I remember when Jen (JRS) had her issues last year and it was quite frustrating. (It was kind of fun to watch her get mad at it though!!! :o) I have a similar Dell that's been perfect and great, so I can't figure out why some work and others don't.

Either way, I hope Sarah is happy and blogging away sometime very soon!!

Karly said...

Oh no! I will miss your posts. I have actually heard many people with similar issues. (All of them got the Dells for the cute colors, too). Hope Sarah is back in business soon!

AZ Chapman said...

this is so ironc because I got a new computer yesterday and it is a flash back to when Sarah got a new laptop. I recommend Macs they do not seem to crash that much. this is partly biased because that is what I have grown up with

mmc said...

Hey Sarah! My computer is going to the laptop hospital tomorrow too! My screen only works at certain angles. I don't like it either, but soon we'll both be back online.


PS It's nice to see someone around my age with a blog!

Melissa said...

Sarah, I am so sorry your laptop has to go to the hospital. I hope you'll have it back really soon :)

waldenhouse said...

Oh Dear,
It's rough being without the computer. We have a Dell as well. We just purchased our second because we were so pleased with our first, and pleased with their service. This time something feels off with this laptop. It's odd - it just has some quirks that I can't articulate to a service tech. And it doesn't do these quirky things consistently. We'll see but I am not feeling so confident after reading your experience!

Tell Sarah to hang in there!

Melissa said...

I'm so sorry that your laptop has to go to the hospital..GRRRR!!! There is nothing more irritating then spending alot of money & having it fail on ya:(

I've had 3 Dell's so far & I've had only 1bad experience which was a key that had fallen out.

Hang in there, sure will be missing your posts!!

Debbie Yost said...

I almost bought the spring green laptop last month. We have the Dell computer and have not had any problems with it. I'm kind of surprised to hear Dell's product is not good. I hope you get it fixed soon. Poor Sarah. I'm sad for her. I'll miss her posts but will look forward to her return. ((hugs))

Michelle said...

I have a pretty green Dell like Sarah's, and it died a couple months ago. It was August, because it was the week before Ruby's surgery. The power supply died, so it wouldn't turn on at all anymore. (Then, you call tech support and they ask you, "Have you gone online for support?" Nope!)

But a man came to my house & put in a new power supply. He sat at my kitchen table for an hour or so & fixed it. And also broke my keyboard - so he ordered a new one, through Dell, and came back a few days later to fix the keyboard.

They absolutely should repair it at home!

This week, my Dell began making really loud, grating noises as it boots up, and the disk drive just pops open randomly. I'm worried it's crashing again. And it's still been less than a year that I've owned it!

I agree with Jen - call & ask for a Supervisor, they really should send out someone to your house.

Poor Sarah - I know how awful it is to lose your computer, even for a short time.

girlinapartyhat said...

sophie's dad spent all day yesterday on the phone with dell -- must be something in the air! he finally fixed his computer himself, without dell's help, but boy, was he in a bad mood without it.... so we feel your pain, from out here in arizona, sarah. but it IS a very cute computer, which counts for a lot in my book (as the owner of a pink-cased iphone). happy new year!

JennyH said...

Oh- I hope it gets fixed fast. We use dells here are are generally happy with them. My hubby did have one issue a few months ago with them- something about he paid extra for the same day fix and them not doing what they should have.

Hope Sarah can survive without her computer for a few days. That would be very hard!

Leah said...

UGh, I'm behind reading my blogs! I've used a Dell PC for years without any major issues. We were ready for a laptop. I've heard nothing but bad things about Dell laptops. This time I went with a MAC and I'm LOVING IT! Angela has figured out some things that I still hadn't learned yet. I think she must use a MAC at school or something. She showed me how to make the screen views bigger or smaller so Dean can read them. LOL I'm beginning to understand the "Once you go Mac, you'll never go back" mantra!