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MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Countdown to Christmas # 13

December 2000 ~ I am 11 years old

Say Cheese. Click. I am at the Upside of Downs Holiday Party at the Marriott Hotel.

Wow, I was a little biker babe that year. Leather pants, coat and boots. I was really into wearing stuff from the Limited Too then.

Hey, here's my friend Lisa. She was in the Key Club at high school and they were the volunteers that year.

Then we went on the annual Christmas tradition at my Grandma & Grandpa's church. Matt did not want to stand still for this picture and I look like a statue.

Grandma made us dinner that year. Here is the table all looking pretty.


Tracey said...

The leather pants are awesome! I just love Christmas pictures!

James said...

Looking slick in the leather outfit! I love it!

James said...

okay, that's strange that it posted under my husbands name when I am on my account. It's me, waldenhouse - stacy. :)

SunflowerMom said...

You look very stylish!

Hey Sarah, can you answer a question on Finn's Journey here? I think a lot of parents would like to hear your opinion as an adult with Ds. She asked about striking up conversations.

Joyce, I loved that story about Sarah hitting the home run!!!

Kari said...

Love the Leather pants. They were in that year. I had some too. They were red lol

Kim said...

Hey, Sarah! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love you blog and love the countdown to Christmas series. How fun to look back. I like those leather pants, too.

JaybirdNWA said...

Hello Sarah,

I just made it over to read your blog and I'm glad that I did. I am Jay from 'The Hill Family of Northwest Arkansas' blog. I have enjoyed your comments on my blog and enjoyed reading about you and your family on your blog. The pictures are great.