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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Favorite Fall Memory # 36

It is the Pacific Ocean!!! Do you remember when I was in Chicago last year with my Girl Scout Troop and answered that question about where dolphins swim. Well my mom decided since we were in California and so close we should drive to see the ocean. So here we are.

Take your shoes off grandma. There is a lot of sand.

Oh this is so fun. I see this beach in the movies alot. We had to drive through Hollywood to get here. Do you want to hear a funny story? Before we came to the beach today we ate lunch. My mom was excited to go somewhere fancy on Rodeo Drive to see some movie stars. Well, just as we are driving into Beverly Hills I spot an IHOP, as in the International House of Pancakes. Boy were those pancakes good.

It is a little too cold to go in the water. So I just kept walking.

I loved the feel of the sand.

All of a sudden a bunch of seagulls started flying around me. It was getting a little windy so we decided it was time to leave. We had to head back to the hotel to pack up because we leave for Ohio early in the morning. I sure am going to miss California.


SunflowerMom said...

What fun! I love beaches, too bad I live in the midwest!

whatever to us said...

WHat a neat memory to share! Thanks for starting this blog and I'll be back to see what else you're sharing. Have a great day!

narretto said...

How looks like you had a great time at the beach!

Shelley said...

Fantastic photoes - that beach looks very inviting! Maybe one day the brats and I will get to visit it too.

hjoy said...

Such a wonderful memory. we live in central CA but are never too far from a beach.

Tracey said...

I would LOVE to see the Pacific! Good thing I don't live too far away from the Atlantic! We go all the time during the summer!

Kristen said...

Mike and I visited California 1 1/2 years ago. We loved it! We spent quite a bit of time specifically at Venice Beach and even rented bikes to ride along the beach. We enjoyed that so much. We hope to take Cayman there someday.

Mary said...

I've never been to California but it looks gorgeous. I can't wait to make it the beach there one day.