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MY NAME IS SARAH. I am a quilt designer and the sewcial director of Sarah's Sewcial Lounge. I also have a business called Down Right Charming. I sell my quilts mostly on etsy and I make pillowcases to donate to patients in the hospital in memory of my friend Kristen Kirton. I am a young adult living with Down syndrome. I hope you enjoy reading about my life journey.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Meet Me in St. Louis

Today is Wednesday. I had to get up really early today.

"Mom, this is not the airport. This is our new house."

What?!!? We are here already. We are going to live so close to our favorite airport once we move. I can't wait.

My mom said she had a surprise for me. She wasn't kidding. First Class seats! I am so excited.

Ahhh...this is so comfortable. I have so much room.

Who is this person hiding in her hoodie? "It's going to be ok mom. Don't worry. Just go to sleep."

It's a very smooth ride today. I am just sitting here listening to my music.

Look who woke up. Yea!

All this leg room. We are wearing our buttery soft LuLaRoe leggings. We love them.

Well this is sorta scary. Do you see those other two planes? I hope they don't decide to make a quick turn. They will hit us. 

This is my new friend. He is pushing me through the airport here in Atlanta. He is very nice.

On to plane number two. This one is fancy. I get to watch movies.

We are getting so close. Only 0:10 more minutes.

Yep, we are in St. Louis. There it is. My mom asked me if I wanted to take a ride up in that arch. I said, "No thank you." Scary.

Oh this is great! Really great!!

We have Netflix on the TV!! My mom had to send my little brother a message to get the password. He is back home taking care of Jackson. Thank you Matt.

Bagels in Bed watching Switched at Birth. This is the life!

It's getting really late. Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

Good Morning! It's time for Schoolhouse.

Oh no. The class list is upstairs and we can't find an elevator.

But have no fear. This is Jan. She offered to sit with me so my mom could go up the escalator to get one.  She was so nice. We had a good time together.

Ok, we have the schedule.

But first it's time for lunch. I found a turkey sandwich, chips and a chocolate chip cookie. I'm happy!

Look who I found. It's Julie Herman Kaplan, otherwise know as, Jaybird.

She has a new book out. It is called Alphabet Soup. It is all about letters.

She talked all about it. I am going to make an S when I get home for my new bedroom.

Next up is Susan Emory. She designs for Michael Miller.

Her new collection is called Hello. It is also all about letters and ransom notes.

And here is her friend Kelly Ann helping to show her quilts. Kelly Ann owns a shop in Warrenton, Virginia. I want to go there someday.

Oh this is a nice one too. I like the colors.

Next up is Michael Miller.

Oh this is so cute. It is a poodle quilt. Oh my gosh. Now I really miss Jackson. I hope he is ok.

I got to hold the paper doll quilt. It is so cute. Her clothes come off so you can put on new ones.

I like this quilt. It looks like a rainbow.

And now drumroll please...Here I am with Kathy Miller. So many people think Michael Miller is just a man. Nope that is wrong. It is Michael Steiner and Kathy Miller. And here she is. 

Our Legs. LoL! We sure do love our leggings. And so did so many people today. Thank you.

Look who! It is Jill Finley of Jillily Studio. She is super nice. We were so happy to see each other.

We started to go into the Riley Blake session but everybody was eating Tootsie Roll suckers and I can't handle the smell of candy. So we had to leave.

And that's when we ran into our friends Sue Sandritter and Teri Tope from Quilt Trends in Columbus. Sometimes we stop in their store when we head down to Ohio State.

That's a wrap for day one. Heading back to the hotel now.

Now it's time for dinner. The restaurant is in the lobby of the hotel. We are staying at the Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel on Washington Ave. It is right across from the convention center.

Yum, Yum. My mom ordered corn chowder and I am having sliders.

It's been a long day. Time for bed. See you later alligator.

It's time...

It is always so exciting to see the doors open.

My first stop is with a new friend from Ohio. This is Sharon Mcconnell. She designs patterns. The name of her company is Color Girl Quilts.

Oh look at this. Come on over to my Sewcial Lounge.

Not really. This is Susan Emory's booth. Isn't it so fun!

Her new collection is called ^^^^^^ so colorful.

I really love it. Hello by Susan Emory for Swirly Girls.